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Heaven: Living in the Present

Gregory Koukl

Can the memories of childhood give us a glimpse of heaven? divider

I want to tell you a story about something that passed through my mind a couple of weeks ago. I was driving near my home in Carson. There’s a school there with a playground and I saw all of these kids playing on it. I had one of those experiences where you have an instance of psychological time travel. It was basically a split second because I was driving past when this happened so it didn’t take much time. But as I watched the kids play on the playground, hitting the tether ball and swinging from the jungle gym hanging upside down, I was psychologically transported back about forty years to the time when I was a child doing the same things. I mean psychologically because I didn’t see the circumstances of my childhood, I just for a brief moment felt the feeling of my childhood. The feeling was one of blissful uncomplication.I realized there is a very, very big difference between being a child and being an adult, apart from the obvious. Adults have responsibilities and they must plan, they must look to the future, they must take care of things, they must solve problems. But for the most part when you are a child, you don’t have that perspective. You don’t look far into the future because you just can’t see that far. You don’t have enough history to do so. You know little of responsibilities. Oh, make your bed, take out the trash, maybe. But you’re not thinking about talks next week or goals for the organization next year or retirement in 20 years. Those are totally foreign concepts to you. Because of the nature of being a child, you are more locked into the moment. You don’t have a past, really. Oh, a few years — five, six, seven, eight years — and half of those you can’t remember because you were an infant. So you have no past to reflect on. You have very little history. (more…)

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