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Foreword All of the numerical superscripts have their respective “Some Corresponding Biblical References and Expositions” asserting and/or supporting and/or warranting the assumption(s) and/or the proposition(s) and/or the conclusion(s) and/or contention(s) and/or topic(s) mentioned and/or involved and/or considered hereof. These “Corresponding Biblical References And Expositions” are vital, integral and inseparable parts, components and premises or corollaries of THE DISTINGUISHING CREED AND STATEMENTS OF FAITH OF THE TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS EKKLESIA OF THE LORD GOD, INC.  Bear in mind and do justice to the FACT that the total significance of this CREED takes INTO ACCOUNT all of the listed Biblical passages and related expositions in the aforementioned “Corresponding Biblical References And Expositions.”“For man shall not live on bread alone but ON EVERY WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” (Matt.4:4). In evaluating any and all premises/teachings/claims/contentions of this DISTINGUISHING CREED AND STATEMENTS OF FAITH the interested or concerned person must thoroughly know and render justice to each and all of these Biblical References and Expositions together with all the Biblical references embodied or included or mentioned in every ARTICLE-PRIMER of the aforementioned DISTINGUISHING CREED AND STATEMENTS OF FAITH. It is the writer's wish that this DISTINGUISHING CREED AND STATEMENTS OF FAITH be seminally adequate, or serve as THEOLOGICAL SIGN POSTS, in pointing out the most basic Christological-Christoregulated-Christocentric revelation-teaching-proclamation of the entire Hebreo-Judaeo-Christian Canonical Bible as the TESTIMONY OF JESUS and the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD.  Some expressions and/or arguments may be repeated from one ARTICLE-PRIMER to other Article(s)-Primer(s) or even from one paragraph to another paragraph within the same ARTICLE-PRIMER in order to make every ARTICLE-PRIMER or every paragraph as self-explanatory as much as possible.

Let all truly Biblical Christians pray to the Lord Jesus Christ that this writing be instrumental in the Christological-Christoregulated-Christocentric thoroughly Biblical total Christianization of the world.  It is always absolutely necessary that everyone in all of creation should realize that whatever is NOT ALL FROM NEITHER ON NOR IN NOR THROUGH NOR WITH NOR TO NOR FOR JESUS (YAHWEH SHUA) THE CHRIST (MESSIAH) is absolutely not Christianity.  The reader should note that THE BACKBONE of the entire contention of this “body of writing” simply asserts that, in accordance with the Biblical ETERNAL COVENANT OF THE TRINITY and/or as willed by God the Father and as carried out by God the Son and as confirmed by God the Holy Spirit, the absolutely right order for all of everyone in all of reality is to be entirely, directly and permanently just from, on, in, through, with, to and for Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son who is the justly All-appropriating All in all even in His incarnation and Perfect Manhood.



The Biblical Constitution Of All Reality

  • The Godkind
  • All of their individual respective functions:

1-2:1 Eternal Kingdom

1-2:2 Universal Kingdom

1-2:3 Millennial Kingdom

  • All of Creation

1-3:1 Originally once and for all completed creation

1-3:2 Hell and the Lake of Fire

1-3:3 New Creation

1-3:3.1 Original and New Creation

1-3:3.2 New Heavens and New Earth

  • Working Out of their Respective Choices

1-4:1 Straight Path

1-4:2 Crooked Path

That the Biblical Constitution Of All Reality[1], (as symbolically and/or diagrammatically figured out in the AN OVERVIEW CHART OF THE TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS COMMITMENT AND THE MAIN DELINEATIONS OF ITS BIBLICAL THEONOMY, HISTORIONOMY AND COSMONOMY is composed of the following:

1-1.The GODKIND[2]consisting of the TRINITY or the TRIUNE God or the three eternally distinct, individually unique and absolutely not interchangeable but infinitely perfect PERSONS[3]or SELVES or SUBJECTS or INDIVIDUALITIES (Gen.1:26; 3:22; 11:5-7; 18:1-3; Ps.110:1 [Matt.22:41-45]; Matt.3:16-17; Jn.14:26; 15:26; Isa.48:12-16; Matt.28:19; Acts 2:33; Jn.1:18; 3:34-35; 4:24; 10:30; 16:32; 17:20,21,22,23,24; Matt.10:32-33; Rev.1:1,10; 3:5,21), in the infinitely perfect kinship relationship of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit in one Godhood or DEITY and/or GODKIND. For the Bible, as The Written Word of God which is The Testimony Of (From, On, In, Through, With, To and For) Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA or YEHOSHUA = YAHWEH IS SALVATION) reveals-asserts-teaches-claims that in all of reality the entirely unique, infinitely supreme and absolutely perfect kind of being is the GODKIND.[4]This reality of the GODKIND is assumed, appropriated and proven by the entirety of the Bible.The fulness (pleroma) of Godhood/Deity (Col.2:9) is predicated of and/or attributed to this Godkind (Rom.1:20); thus the predication of THEOS (God) without `o, (the definite article, in the Greek Text), in the last clause of John 1:1 means that the Logos (Word) was already GODKIND (URING DIYOS) or GOD IN KIND (NASA URING DIYOS).So, even in the beginning, the Lord (ADON/DESPOTEN) Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) Christ (MESSIAH) as the only GODKIND Son or the only Son who is GOD IN THE KIND OF HIS BEING (Heb.1:8; Jn.1:1,14,18; 3:16,18; I Jn.5:13,20; Rom.8:32) was already co-equal (Jn.5:18-19; Phil.2:5-6; Isa.9:6) with the GODKIND FATHER (I Cor.8:6; Eph.4:5-6; Matt.11:25; Acts 10:36; Rom.10:12; 2Cor.3:16-18; Acts 5:1-4) or with the GODKIND Holy Spirit (Acts 5:1-4; Heb.9:14; Jn.4:24; I Jn.5:7; 2Cor.3:16-18; Deut.6:4).

The aforementioned GODKIND FATHER, GODKIND SON and GODKIND HOLY SPIRIT constitute the GODKIND FAMILY with the AFFILIATION NAME/SURNAME/FAMILY NAME/COMMON NAME which is YAHWEH in Hebrew (Deut.6:4) and KURIOS in Greek (Mk.12:29-30; Matt.11:25; 22:41-45; Rev.1:8; Acts 10:36).This GODKIND with the FAMILY NAME YAHWEH/KURIOS is the God (ELOHIM) consisting of the MULTIPERSONAL POWERS/POTENCIES/POTENTATES one of whom, the Father, has the ALL-PREVAILING WILL (Eph.1:3-11), another one, the Son, is the ALL-ORDERING IMAGE/CHARACTER (Gen.1:27; Col.1:15; Heb.1:2-3) who being the ETERNAL OVER ALL MEDIATOR and the justly all-appropriating all in all brought about, effects, works out and completes that which is very good to everyone in all of reality (Gen.1:1,31; Jn.1:1-3,10; Col.1:16-17; Heb.1:10-12; Rom.8:28-39).Moreover, all of the fulness of Jesus’ grace, truth and righteousness is endorsed and witnessed to by another one, the CONFIRMING Holy Spirit (Matt.28:19; Jn.14:26; 15:26; 16:7-15; Rom.8:2; 1Cor2:11; Heb.9:14; Jn.3:34; Zech.4:6; 7:12).Thus, there is only one true Godkind. (Tritheism or the system of belief contending that there are three Gods or Deities, just like any and all forms of polytheism or even Unitarianism as diagrammatically depicted-outlined in SYMBOLIC DELINEATIONSon pages 14 to 20, is false-erroneous, ruthlessly unjust.)

However, although there is only one true Godkind yet there are three eternally distinct and absolutely not interchangeable neither interconvertible nor misidentifiable Members-Persons-Individuals-Selves in that kind of being that is God, i.e., the Godkind.For the Godkind Father is eternally the Father of the Lord (ADON/DESPOTEN) Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) Christ (MESSIAH) but the Godkind Son, viz. Jesus Christ, is the personally manifesting Almighty God who is the true God and Eternal Life, and, the Godkind Holy Spirit is the Eternal Spirit.

1-2.All of their, viz. the TRINITY’S, respective individual and/or collective functions or roles or works in their entire Biblically revealed jurisdictions and/or realms of responsibility and/or domains and/or kingdoms. The Biblical Kingdom of God refers to the Entire Realm/Domain, Rule/Order/Regulation and Reign/Supreme Control of God.  However, the Kingdom of God works/operates on three different levels and/or dimensions:

  • The Eternal Kingdom of God;
  • The Universal Kingdom of God or The Kingdom of Heavens; and,
  • The Millennial Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

1-2:1.  In the Eternal Kingdom of God each one of the three (3) Persons, viz. the Father (Jas.1:17; 1 Tim 6:16), the Son (Rev.17:14; 19:16; Deut.10:12-18; Ps.136:1-26; Heb.1:8-12; Ps.145:1-13) and the Holy Spirit (Heb.9:14; 10:29; 1:9; Jn.3:34; Zech.4:6; Matt.12:31-32; Zech.12:10; Rom.14:17; Matt.28:19) of the Biblical TRINITY is an Eternal King.  Love (agape) is at work throughout this Eternal Kingdom because every Person of the TRINITY has voluntarily, eternally and irrevocably agreed/covenanted that

  • God the Father is the LOVER and,
  • God the Son, Christ Jesus, is the BELOVED (Jn.17:24) and,
  • God the Holy Spirit is the LOVE-BOND (Eph.4:3) for and to all of all

so that everyone can continually have absolute righteousness, perfect peace and infinite joy.

However, since no createdkind CAN ever see God the Father (Jn 1:18; 1 Tim.6:16) and since God the Holy Spirit manifest Himself only symbolically to the createdkind and also since no Member-Person of the TRINITY except God the Son, Christ Jesus, has DIRECTLY GIVEN, and VOLUNTARILY HISTORICALLY PRESENTING REVEALING and IDENTIFYING HIMSELF as a PERSON to and for all of the createdkinds, therefore, the createdkinds can only see, enter (Jn.3:1-36) and live in (Rom.14:17) the Eternal Kingdom from, on, in, through, with, to and for the Lord Jesus Christ (II Pet.1:1-11; Mk.1:14-15; Matt.6:23; I Cor.1:30; Mk.10:13-31).  Humankind can only see, enter and live in the Eternal Kingdom of God by being born of God (Jn.1:12-13) or from above (Jn.3:1-36) and living from, on, in, through, with, to and for Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA = YEHOSHUA).

1-2:2.  TheUniversal Kingdom of God is the Biblical Kingdom of Heaven(s) because it is the governing/governance of the universe, viz. all of creation, by God and from the heaven(s).  However, this Universal Kingdom of God as the Biblical Kingdom of the Heaven(s) is governed by God;

  • only in accordance with the Eternal Purpose (Eph.3:11) and Universally Uniform Will (Matt.6:9-10) of God the Father,
  • but under, subject-subordinate and subservient to the over all, in all and through all, although infinitely gracious, truthful and righteous/just, Lordship-Headship-Kingship of God the Son, Christ Jesus (Acts 10:36; Rom.10:1-13; Eph.1:9-23; Col.2:6-10; Rev.17:14; 19:16; Deut.10:12-18; Ps.136:1-26; Heb.1:8-12),
  • and imparted-enforced-confirmed by God the Holy Spirit (II Cor.13:14; Matt.12:28; Rom.14:17).

The working/operation of the Kingdom of Heaven(s) under the overall Lordship-Headship-Kingship of Christ (Messiah) Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA), the Almighty Lord God the Son,

  • was inaugurated at the creation and ordering of the heavens and the earth in Genesis chapters 1,2 and 3,
  • was offered as a THEOCRACY to and for Israel in Exodus 19 and 20 and
  • has been spiritually at work throughout the world according to the teaching of Jesus in Matthew chapter 13 and Mark chapter 12 until the setting up of the Millennial Visible Personal Rule of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth (Dan.2:31-45; Rev.19:11 to 20:1-3).

1-2:3.  The Millennial Kingdom and Visible Personal Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth abolishes all of the rules of all man-made systems of government and establishes the direct, perfect and universal personal rule of Jesus on and from the earth to the whole world culminating not only into His victory against the devil in the battle of Gog and Magog and His execution of the Final Judgment for all of creation (1Cor.15:24-28; Daniel 2:31-45) but also into His making of the New Heavens and New Earth as the everlasting dwelling place of THE TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS createdkind persons (Rev. chpts.20 to 22; II Pet. chpts.2 to 3).

In the Eternal and/or Universal Kingdom of God, the only collective functions/works of the three (3) Members-Persons, viz. the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, of the TRINITY are their agreeing/covenanting together, e.g. Heb.1:5-6; 13:20; 9:14; Gen.1:26; 11:7, and the stipulation of their Eternal Covenant that the Son is doing whatever the Father is doing (Jn.5:19) because the former is THE IMAGE/EXACT COPY of the latter (Col.1:15).  However, due to the eternally distinct, individually unique (1Cor.8:6; Heb.9:14), not interchangeable position (Jn.1:14; 1Jn.1:1-3; Jn.3:34) and irreversible disposition (Jn.17:3-24; 16:15; 3:35; Col.1:19; 2:9; Jn.16:7-15; Col.3:11; Eph.1:9-23) of each Member-Person of the TRINITY all of the other functions/works/roles of each Member-Person are absolutely NOT interchangeable with that of any one of the other two Members-Persons of the TRINITY.  Thus, it is God the Son ALONE who is the DIRECT DOER/ACCOMPLISHER of the works of creating-making, ordering-organizing, providing for-provisioning, preserving-keeping, judging-classifying, redeeming-saving and consummating-finalizing all of creation.  God the Father has purposed it to be so (Eph.3:11) and God the Holy Spirit just confirmed that it is so (Jn.16:7-15).

1-3.All of Creation comprehended in the following three (3) main or general assortments and/or classifications of the createdkinds:

1-3:1.The originally once and for all completed creation[5]of (from, on, in, through/by, to and for) the Almighty Lord God the Son, Christ Jesus, (of  course, the aforementioned creation consists of the first[6], second[7] and third[8] heavens, the earth[9] and all of the createdkinds[10] in them, which createdkinds include the elementalkinds(or the physico-chemical elemental systems), the plantkinds, the animalkinds, the humankind (every person of which is a spirit [the spirit is the Biblical figurative heart consisting of the capabilities to reason, to intend and to will] having a soul or individual self-identity with an organic body which has flesh, blood and bones [Deut.6:5; 1 Thess.5:23; 1 Cor.2:11; Gen.2:7]) and the angelkind(every person of which is a spirit with individual self-identity and having a form but without an organic body; and so the angelkind created person is an individual without or not having flesh, blood and bones);

1-3:2. Hell[11] and the Lake of Fire[12] which were prepared by Jesus to be the destinations, places and means of endless torment for satan and all of the fallen angels together with all of the humankind who will persist (or until their biophysical death) andwould  remain  as  NOT  ALL  FOR  JESUS;

1-3:3.The New Creations [13] consisting of:

1-3:3.1  THE TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS EKKLESIA OF THE LORD GOD should be all of the original and the new creation of Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son, because all of creation is called by the TRINITY (Phil.3:14 [by God the Father, 1Cor.8:6; 1:9; Rom.8:28-29]; [by God the Son, Rom.4:17; Matt.11:28]; [by God the Holy Spirit, Heb.3:1-8]) to be ALL FOR JESUS (Col.1:16; Jn.3:35; 6:37-45; 16:7-15; Matt.10:39; Jn.10:25-28; 2Cor.5:14-15; Ps.135 to Ps.150; Isa. chpt.40 to 48).  However, because everyone in all of creation is created, made and formed as a self-determining and/or free moral agent, and, since even after Adam’s disobedience he and everyone of the humankind in, through and from him is still self-determining and/or a free moral agent and/or capable of committing oneself to take THE STRAIGHT PATH OF (FROM, ON, IN, THROUGH, WITH, TO AND FOR) JESUS or THE CROOKED PATH of the wicked (Ps.1:1-6; Matt.7:13-14; Acts 9:1-21), and, because only those who have taken to, abided in and conformed with THE STRAIGHT PATH of JESUS (by faithfully obeying THE TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS GIFTS-CALLING-ORDER FOR THEM to be entirely but exclusively directly and permanently addressing, conveying, submitting, committing, subjecting, channeling, indwelling, focusing, conforming and devoting all of all to Jesus) are the Biblically TRUE (REAL, RIGHT and CONSISTENT) adherents of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt.10:39; 12:30; Lk.6:46-49; Mk.10:27-30; Jn.3:35; 6:37-46; 8:24,58; 10:25-28; 11:24-26; 12:26; 14:13-14; 15:1-6; Acts 2:21; 4:12; 16:30-34; 21:13; 26:18), therefore, only the angels of God (Heb.1:6) and the People of God who DEVOTE their ALL TO JESUS (Acts 26:18; 1Cor.1:2; Rom.1:6; Jn.3:16-21,35,36; 6:37-45; 10:25-28; 11:24-26; 12:26; 15:1-6; 16:7-15; 17:10-24; 2Cor.5:14-15; Rom.14:7-9; Eph.1:9-23; 5:21-33; Col.1:16-21; 2:6-10; 3:1-3,23-25; Matt.10:39; Mk.10:27-30; Jude 1; Rev.5:11-12; 7:9-17; 22:3-5) and IN ALL PLACES are CALLING ON THE NAME of the LORD JESUS CHRIST (Acts 4:12; 2:21; 9:1-21; Rom.10:1-13; I Cor.1:2) are the true members of THE TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS EKKLESIA OF THE LORD GOD.

Yet there are very many persons professing/claiming to be of God or the people of God who have not voluntarily adhered to neither abided in nor conformed with THE STRAIGHT PATH OF JESUS because they have NOT TRULY DEVOTED THEIR ALL TO JESUS and so IN ALL PLACES they have refused to call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to prove not only their unwillingness to live and to die for the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ but also their fixation on falsehood and hellbound life course.  The most vicious liars in the world are those people professing/claiming to be Christians but have NOT DEVOTED THEIR ALL, including ALL OF THEIR PRAYERS, TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.  They are contravening the DISPOSITION of God the Father to give all things into the hand of God the Son, Christ Jesus (Jn.3:35; 16:15; 17:10; Matt.11:27).  They are working against the ministry of God the Holy Spirit to glorify Jesus and to bring all of all to Jesus (Jn.16:7-15).

The ONLY MAINSTREAM of Biblical godliness and true Christianity is THE STRAIGHT PATH where all of all is completely, exclusively directly and permanently from, on, in, through, with, to and for Jesus.  That is why, DURING THESE BIBLICAL LAST DAYS of this dispensation, in faithful obedience to, complete compliance with and total fulfillment of the Biblical GIFTS-CALLING-ORDER OF (FROM, ON, IN, THROUGH/BY, WITH, TO and FOR) the LORD JESUS CHRIST THE TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS EKKLESIA OF THE LORD GOD is being gathered (Gen.49:10; Jn.11:52; Matt.12:30; Jn.12:32; 6:44-45; 1Tim.2:5-6; Eph.1:9-23; 4:15-16; Col.1:16-19; 2:16-19; Eph.5:21-23; 2Cor.5:14-15; Rom.1:1-6; Matt.18:20; Heb.10:19-25; 3:1-7; Jn.17:24), built up (Matt.16:18; Heb.3:1-7; 1Pet.2:1-10; 1Cor.3:5-23), organized (Jn.15:1-6; 1Cor.12:5-28; Eph.4:7-16; Col.1:16-29; Rom. chpts.12,13,14) and incorporated (Col.1:18) to fight the good fight of faith while laying hold of ETERNAL LIFE whereunto everyone has been called (1Tim.6:12; Rom.6:23; Phil.3:14).  Of course, Jesus wanted everyone in all of creation to voluntarily, and permanently be, on written record and throughout his/her/its remaining life, a member-minister of THE TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS EKKLESIA OF THE LORD GOD, INC.  For everyone must contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints (Jude 3; Acts 18:24-28) and the true disciple (Jn.8:29-32)-follower (Matt.16:24-26) of Jesus serves Him (Matt.6:24; 4:10; Jn.12:26; Col.3:23-25).

1-3:3.2 TheNew Heavens and the New Earth[14] and all the Createdkinds in them[15] from, on, in, through, with, to and for Christ Jesus; and

1-4. The Working Out of the Respective Choices (the reasoned conscious self-determinations or the respective total self-commitments) of the createdkind, whether angelic (Heb.1:13-14,6-7; Rev.12:7-12; 2Pet.2:9-11) or human, persons who, upon, by and in their respective once and for all choices and/or commitments, become faithfully obedient (Mk.10:27-30; Matt.16:24-26; Jn.10:27-28; Rom.1:1-6), saved (Acts 16:30-31), holy (sanctified, 1Cor.1:2) and wise (Lk.6:46-49; 2Tim.3:15) only to, on, in, through, with and for Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son and the justly All-appropriating All in all even in His incarnation and Perfect Manhood, or, otherwise all of those who are NOT ALL FROM NEITHER ON NOR IN NOR THROUGH NOR WITH NOR UNTO NOR FOR THE LORD (ADON/DESPOTEN) JESUS (YAHWEH SHUA) CHRIST (MESSIAH) are thereby willfully consigning and dooming themselves to damnation and the endless torments of the lake of fire because they are disobedient to (Jn.3:36), sinning against (Jn.8:23-24; Matt.12:30) and not receiving the fulness of (Jn.1:11,14,16; 3:16-21; 1Jn.4:1-4;  2Jn.4-11) the aforementioned Christ Jesus, as the case might be.

Only ONE of THE TWO (2) PATHS (Gen.2:15-17; Rom.5:12; Heb.11:4-38; Deut. chpts.27-30; Matt.12:30; Jn.15:1-7; Ps.1:1-6; Matt.7:13-14), viz. THE STRAIGHT PATH or THE CROOKED PATH, can be chosen-taken, traversed-travelled on and adhered to by everyone in all of reality.

1-4:1.THE STRAIGHT PATH is THE UNIDIRECTIONAL LIFE-COURSE where the entire all of each one and all of all is completely, directly, permanently and exclusively just from (Rev.1:8,17,18; 2:8; 3:14; 21:1-7; 22:12-13; Col.1:16-17; Heb.1:8-12; 1Jn.1:1-3; Jn.1:1,3,4; Eph.3:11), on (Jn.3:35; Heb.1:8-12; 1Cor.3:11; 1Pet.2:1-8), in (Col.1:17,16; Acts 17:28; Jn.16:33; Rom.8:37-39,1-3; Eph.3:9-11; 1Cor.1:30-31; Jn.20:31; 14:17), through (1Cor.8:6; Jn.14:26; 15:26; 1:3,10; Col.1:16; Jn.14:6; 1Tim.2:5-6), with (1Jn.1:1-2; Jn.16:27-28; 1:14,31-35; Heb.1:8-9; Matt.12:30; 1:23; 18:20; 28:19-20), to (Jn,16:15; 17:10-24; 3:30-35; Rom.11:36; Col.1:16; Heb.1:2-3; Jn.6:37-46; 16:7-14) and for (Col.3:23-25; Math.10:39; 2Cor.5:9-16; Rev.5:11-12) Christ (Messiah) Jesus (YEHOSHUA = YAHWEH SHUA), the Almighty (Shaddai) Lord (YAHWEH, ADON, Kyrios) God (ELOHIM) the SON who is always infinitely functioning as ALL in all even in His incarnation and Perfect Manhood. For this Christ (Messiah) Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) is THE SINGULAR PERSONAL INFINITELY ABSOLUTE and HISTORICALLY DIRECTLY SELF-REVEALING FIRST-ALPHA-BEGINNING, GATE-DOOR-WAY-STRAIGHT PATH-MEDIATOR-CHANNEL-NORM and OMEGA-END-LAST-DESTINY as well as THE PERMANENT DWELLING PLACE of all not only among the three Persons of the Godkind but also of all that is due from the Godkind to the createdkind and all that is due from the createdkind to the Godkind (Isa.45:12-13).  This STRAIGHT PATH is THE WAY OF THE RIGHTEOUS/FAITHFUL/GODLY/UPRIGHT/JUST. THE STRAIGHT PATH is THE PATH OF OBEDIENCE. In this WAY/PATH Jesus Himself is the SALVATION, ETERNAL LIFE, EVERLASTING GLORY and ALL in all.  Thus, the Lord Jesus Christ HIMSELF, and no one but HIM, is THE STRAIGHT PATH.

1-4:2.THE CROOKED PATH is the way of the wicked/lawless/ungodly/disobedient/ unfaithful/sinner/unjust/liar/ hypocrite/deceiver.  It is the way of error/falsehood/deception.  All of those who are in THE CROOKED WAY are children of the devil, anti-Christ (Messiah) Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) and on the way to  or are already in hell.


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[11]Hell ([Gehena: Matt.5:22,29,30; 10:28; 18:9; 23:15,33; Mk.9:43,45,47; Lk.12:5; James 3:6; II Pet.2:4]; [Hades: Matt.11:23; 16:18; Lk.10:15; 16:23; Acts 2:27,31; Rev.1:18; 6:8; 20:13,14])

[12]Lake of Fire And Brimstone (Rev.21:8,27; 22:15; 20:11-15; Matt.25:41-46)

[13]The New Creation Of (From, On, In, Through, With, To And For) Jesus (2Cor.5:17; Rev.21:1-7)

[14]The New Heavens And The New Earth (Rev.21:1-7; II Pet.3:10-13)

[15]The Createdkinds in the New Heavens and the New Earth include all of the angelic and/or human persons who are the faithful servants of Jesus (Rev.22:1-5; Isa.66:22-23)

Reformatted by Rev. Mar Quitoriano

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