November 2009

-The Origin Of All Family Problems

What is the cause of human pain and suffering? Why do we have problems? These are common questions we all ask when we experience difficulties in our lives. However, the origin and nature of our problems do not emanate from God as we are often inclined to think. [...]

November 29, 2009

-The Christian And The Kingdom

What we must realize is that we cannot create “kingdom conditions” on earth by seeking to work through the political realm to establish God’s order here. Only the Lord Himself can do that and He will bring the kingdom with Him. [...]

November 28, 2009

-Living In A Material World

In the future, God will judge the ungodly, as He did in Noah’s day, but this time by destroying His creation with fire not a flood. Then He has promised to replace it with a new creation that is perfect and free from sin (Gen. 9:15; 2 Pet. 3:7-13). [...]

November 27, 2009

-Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory

What an exciting concept! We have Christ in us, and through that relationship our hearts are filled with the hope of glory. What did Paul actually mean when he referred to the “riches of this mystery”? What was he really trying to tell us? [...]

November 24, 2009