-What is the teaching of the Bible, regarding “Salvation”?

If, for example, we are going to venture on the message of “Salvation”, all professing Christians and Muslims, would definitely have two ( 2 ) totally different schools of thought. Why? 1. The “Holy Scriptures” of the Muslims/Moslems is the Qur’an/Koran 2. The “Holy Scriptures” of the Christians is the Bible. These two ( 2 ) different books, are mutually exclusive/irreconcilable/incongruous/inharmonious/incompatible. Either one is true and the other is false. Both books cannot be both true, for they have totally different claims. Our advocacy is “Christianity”. Their religion is “Islam”. “Jesus” is God to us, who took Manhood upon Himself. Jesus is a mere prophet for them, for their God is “Allah”. The fairness and justice of “Jesus” regarding marriage is, one ( 1 ) Adam for one ( 1 ) Eve ( One man for one woman ). The fairness and justice of their “Allah” is one ( 1 ) man could be for several women, but one ( 1 ) woman couldn’t be for several men [...]

October 25, 2008

-To Err is Human

To Err is Human Gregory Koukl A common attack on the Bible goes like this: Man wrote the Bible. Man is imperfect. Therefore, the Bible is imperfect and not inspired by God. [...]

August 12, 2008

-Is the Bible Sufficient?

The controversy over the "adequacy" of the Bible has generated plenty of heat in Evangelical circles. Are "Bible only" advocates right in claiming that any combination of man's philosophy and biblical wisdom is poison? [...]

July 17, 2008