-What Joshua Learned

What Joshua Learned Joshua had some great learning opportunities while he was being mentored by Moses. In Exodus 17 he defeated the Amalekites while Moses pleaded for him [...]

October 26, 2011

-Water And War

DOES EXODUS 17 APPLY TO YOU? Water And War “Water and War” sounds like the title of a novel or a government report on disputed water rights. Wars over water rights were [...]

November 30, 2010

-The Difference Between God And Man

Embedded in the awesome story of Moses and the burning bush, recorded in Exodus 3, is the basic controversy every human being must grapple with and resolve in some way. At issue is establishing who God is and who man is. The questions, “Who is God?” “Who am I?” “How do I know the difference?” and “What is our relationship?” [...]

November 19, 2009