Do you visit Christian web sites or receive daily devotional emails? Ever want to look up a scripture fast? InstaVerse™ by WORDsearch will let you instantly see the actual Bible text for scripture references like John 3:16—just point your mouse at it, and the text pops up in your preferred translation! The best part is that InstaVerse with the KJV Bible is FREE!

1 Comment on InstaVerse

  1. lonely in love // November 5, 2010 at 7:24 am //

    somebody anybody please tell me what do i do about this mother-in-law who insist on doing anything in her power to separate my husband and i? she says and does devious thin
    gs to me and when i tell my husband he just responds by saying”well you know how she is”…how do i tell him what she does without him being stressed out? help!

    lost in love….

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