-What about using women’s bodies in advertising?

What about using women's bodies in advertising?

God has intended that both the bodies of both the male and female be held in purity and holiness. This means that because we are made in the image of God, and because we are to honor God in all things, we are to hold our bodies in high and respectful esteem and to not use our bodies in sinful ways. The woman's body, in particular, is more beautiful than the male's. The woman is not to use her body to entice men and draw lust out of them for the purpose of gaining money (prostitution) or motivating them to buy something (advertising). It is alright for a woman to advertise a product, but if the focus of the advertisement uses her body in a sensuous manner, then this is wrong. Because of the nature of our human sexuality and the fact that males are more easily enticed into lust through the eyes, this means that the woman's body should be held all the more special and sanctified. This is one of the reasons Paul says women are to dress modestly (1 Tim. 2:9).

Sanctification means that the things sanctified are set apart for holy use.
Women are nurturers by God’s design. Their bodies are made to give. They give life through birth and nurture it through breast-feeding. Women are especially gifted in the areas of compassion, long-suffering, love, and sacrifice. We can easily see this in the universal love that mothers have for their children across every culture and continent. But the world uses this the gifting of the woman’s beauty not for the purpose of nurturing, but in taking. Instead of elevating the woman to the stature of a nurturing, sacrificial, loving, and patience, adult, the world uses the bodies of women to entice out of man lust and with it money.
There is nothing wrong with the woman in advertising a product. But when that advertising involves demonstrating her sexuality and using it in such a way as to untangle men, to keep their attention, so that they might be enticed to spend money, then this is sinful. It is sinful because it is not honoring to the woman, because it is using her body to bring out lust, and it is using her grace to entice the spending of money.
The world knows nothing of sanctification, and honor, and purity. But it knows plenty in the ways of filth, abuse, impurity, lust, and money grubbing. On the Day of Judgment, the Lord will settle all accounts and those who have used the bodies of women for monetary gain.

“Basic Christian Doctrine” by Matthew Slick,


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