When there is an avalanche the land shakes.

By Kelvin Gilmore

When there is an avalanche the land shakes.

There is a similar action that causes earthquakes.

When there is a rockslide that tumbles to the ground.

It vibrates the land and changes everything around.

When there is a meteor that hits the earth at great speed.

It will destroy whatever it hits; this is a fact, that is guaranteed.

As you can see, things that fall can kill and destroy.

Many are not living in God’s truth but are falling into the Devil’s decoy.

Instead of having loving families, people are choosing to shack.

Like animals, many are choosing to live like hyenas in a pack.

Instead of a man marrying a woman and then having a child.

Same sex marriages occur today this is sick- it causes demons to smile.

Many are killing their own children by the practice of birth control.

Instead of being like our Heavenly Father, desiring many children; this is no longer the goal.

The list of offenses against God goes on and on, but it all ends at one final destination.

A place for those who enjoy sinning against God and participating in abominations.

The popularity of sin is like a balloon ready to explode, just about full of air.

Damnation occurring to all who disobey our God without a care.

Repent Now! and Confess Jesus as Lord and Savior before it’s too late.

Don’t you be a participant in the next Great Earthquake.

For it is written that Hell is enlarging herself over and over because of sin.

Souls are falling in Hell’s belly expanding the earth where the earthquake begins.

Kelvin Gilmore

Kelvin Gilmore, a devout man of God, sold out for Jesus Christ. Gifted and chosen by God to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching and poetic persuasion. Persuasion because the gift that God has imparted to him is of the upmost uniqueness that it persuades you of your need for Jesus.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERSMAKE A WEBSITE


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