-The Supremacy of Nothing

To the man ” under the sun,” the natural man, who of necessity judges from appearances, Sheol [OT Heb. and NT Gk. Hades, the temporary residence of the unsaved dead] seems no more than the grave the end and total cessation, not only of the activities of life, but of life itself (Eccl. 9:5, 10).

The Supremacy of Nothing

By gonzodave coulon

To the man ” under the sun,” the natural man, who of necessity judges from appearances, Sheol [OT Heb. and NT Gk. Hades, the temporary residence of the unsaved dead] seems no more than the grave the end and total cessation, not only of the activities of life, but of life itself (Eccl. 9:5, 10).

C. I. Scofield
Models of the Universe
According to the widely accepted theory of the big bang, the universe originated about 14 billion years ago and has been expanding ever since. Astronomers recognize four models of possible futures for the universe. According to the closed model, many billions of years from now expansion will slow, stop, and the universe will contract back in upon itself. In the flat model, the universe will not collapse upon itself, but expansion will slow and the universe will approach a stable size. According to the open model, the universe will continue expanding forever. In the accelerating expansion model, the universe will expand faster and faster until even the particles in normal matter are torn away from each other. Astronomers currently favor the accelerating expansion model.

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From the Microsoft Encarta article above, within the four proposed futures of the universe, the open and flat are modifications of the extremes of closed and accelerating. From either the accelerating or the closed models the universe could begin again. Thus, the universe itself would be the cause of an endlessly repeating and reappearing “Big Bang” that may only be explained by an infinite regression that denies a first or final event and cause. Additionally, there is a fifth proposal, a quintessential future state of no material movement.

To say that “all living things” in God’s creation may be determined by the record of time, or based upon antecedent random cause and effect, is to apply a known result (things as they now appear) to an unknowable fact (things as they did appear). This is a logical “antecedent clause” (hypothesis or assumption) that places the assumed chaotic origin of all life upon the existing foundation of time. Time may or may not support this assumption. Time is elastic and may only be determined by place, or position in space. Also, an event may only occur in four dimensions – at the intersection of two lines of space and time.

More important than the answer to the origins of man, is the answer to the question: How and when was chaos introduced into the universe after the “Big Bang”? There is no proven straight line from the initial burst of the “Big Bang” to the universe of today. There, also, is no proven straight line from man today backwards to his origin, be it a bi-pedal mammal or a single cell. The following discussion is offered as a consideration of the of the tenets, not proofs, upon which evolutionists base their theory of the common “spontaneous” origin of all life.


(A) Assuming no God.

(B) Defining a cosmic state of nothing as a lack of events, not substance or material, but rather as an “absolute” rest of all material in an irreversible state of non-activity. (Comment to “absolute” rest: “absolute” zero is a theoretical state of no motion and no pressure derived from a total lack of heat to excite atoms into motion; there is no opposite state or limitation to atomic motion and pressure generated by heat.)

(C) Of necessity, accepting that an uncaused “something” was set into random motion. This is the beginning of chaos that caused the first “event.”

(D) Accepting on authority (as do most astrophysicist) that the universe was not created by, nor may it be sustained by, means of infinite and unlimited chaos. What is proven about the universe does not agree with pure chaos.

(E) Using chaos and evolutionary naturalism as the foundation of an “a posteriori” argument.


To illustrate the complexity of our material universe, from either organization to chaos or chaos to organization, there are two hypothetical automobiles moving randomly about an infinite empty space. These automobiles may change position relative to each other; but, they will not change state until they collide at some speed. The speed of collision will determine their change of state. This collision would be the intersection of a material “zero” event, or the starting point of chaos. A universe driven by an organized pure, infinite expansion from an original single burst (the “Big Bang”) is void of a “zero” event because there was no intersection with a second line.

That is to say, the “Big Bang,” although recently observed to have occurred at a predicted time in the past by astrophysicists, cannot be the beginning of chaos. Energy and mass, or material, are allowed to trade places (e.g., the standard illustration of the immovable object and the infinite force). Predictably, like automobiles on a freeway, any group of objects originating from a single point and moving freely without intervention or boundaries, uniformly at the same speed, or speed of acceleration, in infinite and outward directions – do not collide. The “Big Bang” is a non-chaotic starting point lacking the conditions that match the definition of a material “event.”

Proposal 1: Would it be possible that these two automobiles were the result of a series of chaotic events that repeatedly destroyed (collision and fragmentation) and then repeatedly reassembled the automobiles (collision and fusion)? A universe where energy and mass are continually recycled through chaos and organization. Should this be true, chaos would be then be the cause of design, or purpose. And, any point between one “zero” event and the next would not be chaotic; but the infinitely duplicated path to the next “zero” event. Where a new cycle of fragmentation and fusion would begin once more.

(a) This would be an infinite cycle of limited development (never improving upon the original automobiles) and redevelopment. (b) This would be an inherently goal-directed activity. (c) It is logically predictable; but not necessarily true.

Proposal 2: Would it be possible that the post-zero event collision of fragments deplete the initial “energy” and eliminate any events after some “final” collision? A universe where energy is converted into organized mass by chaos until all energy is depleted. Should this be true, chaos would then regress into a perfect state of absolute rest defined as nothing. Where movement and occurrence would be non-existent.

(a) This would be depletion of movement regressed into a final state defined as nothing where the universe slips into absolute rest and non-activity. (b) This would be an inherently goal directed-activity. (c) It is logically predictable; but not necessarily true.


Reasoning from proposal 1 and 2, “if one then not the other”: Any “zero” event produced by the depletion of energy and chaos cannot be part of a universe that has an infinite cycle of regression and progression of causes (development and redevelopment). It may be agreed that to do something once by design is non-complex and superior to a more complex design which duplicates the same process an infinite number of times. Therefore, counter-intuitive to common assumption, complexity and motion as either forwardness or regression, are not proportional. Motion and time are proportional.

The intrinsic design, or natural force of the universe must be consistent throughout. The purpose of life and matter must agree because life is 100% material in a naturalistic view of the universe. For this reason, it may be concluded that life is either in forward motion towards another “zero” event at all times, or it is not. If not, then, it is in regression towards a “final” event of no motion, or movement. Evolutionist assert that life ends in nothing.

Nothing, therefore, is the natural force that drives the universe and life. A universe where the end of life is the material precursor of the entire natural universe. Consequently, the universe and life are not progressive in the perfection of purpose; but of a certainty, chaos and evolution are completely regressive and on a predictable path to the non-complex perfection of a motionless nothing. And, thus, man is the more complex offspring of an inferior missing link. Which in turn was the inferior, chaotic result of an original “something” that set uniformly organized matter and energy into random motion. The end of chaos is nothing.

In conclusion: Evolutionary man and life precede the universe in death, but will eventually regress and join the universe in the supremacy of nothing when all matter comes to a complete rest.


The ancient Greeks had an often repeated maxim: It is better for a man that he was never born.

The phenomenon of personal existence demands explanation. To reject intentional design, even as a force of nature, and insist on “natural selection” as a predictable consequence of mutation is to say that a properly rounded ball rolls down hill because of chaos. On the one hand, it is dishonest to the principles of naturalism, empiricism (scientific method), and materialism for evolution to both champion an idea of development, or forwardness, with the claim that life ends in nothing.

Forwardness is inseparable and logically tied to a natural design or force of the universe that is governed by limited development in a universe that endlessly destroys and recreates itself. On the other hand, to claim nothing as the end of life and by default, the universe; and, to then both deny design and not accept, but ignore, the plain conclusion of regression and depletion – which is joined to a natural design of a perfect nothing – is intellectually dishonest.

To be consistent and truthful to the rational thought and conclusions of their own theories regarding a chaotic universe that contains life – the modern authorities who take such great academic pride in their certainties about life and death, should admit nothing to be the goal of all research and thought. Because, by their own claims, the in-between state of man and the universe, as they exist today, came from something and will regress into a superior non-complex nothing. Their theories logically prove the supremacy and the final existence of nothing.


So then, what proves life occurred spontaneously out of chaos and at one point in time and space only? This is an unproven hypothesis where the predicate, the object of the action in the verb of the sentence or statement is – nothing. Whereby, God and/or a natural purpose of design is not proven to be, but is merely considered to be non-existent and chaos is claimed as the supreme purpose of the universe. This is much like fabricating the particular facts surrounding one’s birth. Facts which, patently, must be taken on the authority of others.

Atheism is not a tangible philosophy, religion, or world-view; rather, it is a reaction to theism that may be linked variously to many concrete philosophies. Without theism atheism is non-existent. Whereas, theism does not rely upon atheism for existence. No logical conclusion can be found in the “reverse or negative truth” of any atheistic mental construction for the existence of God. This is demonstrated by using a consistent logic that leaves out any positive consideration for a creative God, namely:

On the one hand, life began as a spontaneous natural event here on earth (which is one of only two possibly true, positive statements or possibilities). On the other hand, if life did not begin as a spontaneous natural event here on earth (which is the single possible true negative that may be proposed), then either – (a) life never happened, which is a false negative, or (b) life migrated from another planet (which, in essence, only side-steps the single possible true negative that life did not begin as a spontaneous natural event here on earth).

The statement above is completely circular logic. Even so, why would life have a better chance to originate somewhere else, and, how could it then exist here? The truth of the statement that life began spontaneously anywhere has only the force of its own authority and the fact of human existence to support its possible validity. This is a closed, exclusive system that has no alternative truth. It is itself an alternative truth. Other creatures, as far as we know, are not concerned about such matters. Which demonstrates to me a vital living difference between man and beast.

For these reasons, it is simply an act of “whistling in the dark” when evolutionist assume that the spontaneous origins of man prove a “non-created” origin. Because, within their own admitted reality, there is nothing to be afraid of. Man exists prima facie, and, for the present, no one can prove his origin.

There are no modern authorities who can prove the origin of man. A small closet full of bones with a history of questionable identity and fraud are not convincing proof. Likewise, there is only the future knowledge after individual death, or the universal knowledge after the future return of Christ, to prove the existence of God. So what if there are no modern authorities to prove the origins of man or the existence of a creative God who saves mankind from His own judgment?


Evolution cannot be demonstrated. Evolution is a material theory. Whereas, gravity and electricity, although lacking a modern theoretical consensus for authority – where every attempt at explanation ends in a circular statement – continue to be a predictable factor in our lives. Colors surely existed before a neuro-physical detection system called the human eye first perceived them. Cosmic microwaves contain an ancient record of the universe and existed long before they were discovered and reproduced by men.

True discovery consists in observable phenomenon, whereas speculation may only be held as an intellectual noumenon, or thought. Faith in Christ for salvation or faith in bones for validation are both limited to human intellectual expression. If the existence of God the Son Jesus Christ and His salvation could be materially demonstrated and proven, then faith and free will would be eliminated and only foolish rejection would remain. For the time being, faith and foolishness are permitted to co-exist in free will.

Man is the instrument of God who was created to demonstrate His sovereignty over chaos. The perfect man was Jesus Christ. God has demonstrated the supremacy of Christ to His satisfaction.

The theory of evolution is a religion of chaos that has been conjured out of nothing to explain away nothing – the non-existence of a creative God. Therefore, intelligent men and women can rest assured in the supremacy of nothing. Or can they?

Thomas Jefferson, when speaking of another’s religious freedoms, said, “it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” Which in essence is to say, It is nothing to me.

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