-The Bible On Reincarnation

A belief in reincarnation indicates a belief that people experience a series of rebirths until ultimately attaining oneness with God.

The Bible On Reincarnation

By Hannah Henderson

A belief in reincarnation indicates a belief that people experience a series of rebirths until ultimately attaining oneness with God.

The Bible’s teachings on science, ancient history, and mathematics have been proven flawless. Also, it’s a most unique book in that there’s no doctrine, belief, or philosophy that has, is, or ever will be on which the Bible is “silent”. This fact alone attests to the amazing knowledge possessed by its numerous authors who wrote under divine inspiration, thing they should not have known by any natural means.

Many proponents of the theory of reincarnation “authenticate” it with the strange and bizarre stories of people who mysteriously have knowledge about a deceased person. Such knowledge usually can’t be traced back to any natural or explicable means of transmission. There’s also the phenomenon of “déjà vu” which many consider to be yet more evidence of reincarnation.

Most evangelical Christians claim belief in the Bible’s scriptures as the last authority on what is truth and what is falsehood. The Bible should therefore be the first source of information consulted if it’s truly regarded as the last word on everything.

The scripture of Hebrews 9:27 says, “…it is appointed unto men (people) once to die, but after this, the judgment.”

It’s not another life, but judgment that comes after death. How then does one explain the strange happenings so often associated with a belief in reincarnation? Can the average person explain why concave and convex mirrors don’t reflect things the way they actually appear? Such mirrors can make one appear extremely fat, skinny, ugly, and distorted in many other ways. If the person had never seen his real reflection, he would not have the advantage of knowing truth which guards against deception. His eyes would see only the disfigured reflection given by the mirror. The mirror is real. His eyes are real. A million people looking at the reflection would witness the same real distortion. Nevertheless, it would not be reality.

All that contradicts God’s word is a falsehood, regardless of how real it may appear, regardless of how many witnesses may attest to it.


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  1. After the first council of Nicaea, the gospels were “adapted” to the new roman imperial order. Even so, we can find many words of Jesus that indicates his belief upon metempsicosis.

    The idea of death as “the end” is an exclusive characteristic of the semitic culture, but Jesus was an essene

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