-Come Now to Jesus

Come Now to Jesus

By Fenny West
Come now to Jesus

Make Him your focus

Come now to Jesus

To turn minus to plus.
Come now to Jesus

He’ll renew your life;

Come now to Jesus

To give you a new life.
Come now to Jesus

He will give you joy.

Come now to Jesus,

He will give you peace.
Come all you who labour,

He will give you rest.

Come all you hopeless;

He will give you hope.
Come all you in darkness,

He will give you light.

Come all who are blind,

He will give you sight.
Come all who are sin-sick,

He will heal you quick.

Come all who are weak,

He will make you strong.

Come all you confused

He’ll make your mind sound

Come all you abused,

He’ll turn your life around.

Come now to Jesus

Let Him take control

Come now to Jesus

He will save your soul.
Come all you hell bound

Into the Living Way

Hear redemption sound

Coming from Jesus the Way.
Today if you hear His voice

Harden not your heart

Make Him NOW your choice!

To have a Brand New Start.

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