-The Truly Biblical Christians Are Permanently United And Wholly Joined To Jesus


1-9:2 The Truly Biblical Christians Are Permanently United And Wholly Joined To Jesus

In John 17:24, Jesus revealed to the world His expressed will/desire to the Father when Jesus said, “Father I desire that those whom You have given Me be WITH Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which You gave Me, because You loved Me before the foundation of the world.” Since God the Father has already given all things, including all of humankind, to Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son ( John 3:35; Matthew 11:27 ) and since Jesus has called unto Himself all who labor and are heavy laden           ( Matthew 11:28 ),

that among other reasons, HE may give them REST In Himself            ( Matthew 11:28-29 ), and, also since all that the Father has given to His own only begotten Son, Christ Jesus, will come to the same Jesus and Jesus will not cast them out    ( John 6:37 ), ( for it is the Father’s will that Jesus keep all of those who come to Him      [ John 6:39-40 ] ) so that all of those who would voluntarily come to Jesus to submit, commit, conform, subject and devote their all to Him will be permanently united to Him and be wholly joined to Him as the branches are united to and living only in their true Vine ( John 15:1-5 ) and as the body is united to and must always be under its Head and as the wife must submit herself to her Husband ( Ephesians 5:21-30 ), therefore, Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son voluntarily committed Himself not only as the one Mediator of God the Father ( John 12:41-50; 14:1-11; 17:1-25; 1:18; Hebrews 1:1-3; Colossians 1:15; I Corinthians 8:6; Matthew 11:27 ) and God the Holy Spirit to humankind in particular ( II Timothy 2:5 ) and to all things in general ( I Corinthians 8:6; John 1:3, 10; Colossians 1:16 ) but as the owner- occupier- ruler of all things and/or in the Manhood of God the Son incarnated, Christ Jesus, He has also committed Himself as the Singular, Personal and Direct Mediator of humankind ( I Timothy 2:5; John 14:1-11 ) and of all things ( Colossians 1:16-21; John 17:17-24 ) to God the Father ( Hebrews 7:25 ) and to God the Holy Spirit ( John 3:34-35; 14:26; 15:26; 16:7-15; Luke 24:45; Acts 2:33, 1-4, 17-21 ). Thus the right translation of I Timothy 2:5 is: “For God is one kind of being and the one kind of being the Mediator of God and of men, the man Christ of Jesus.” From the entire Bible’s Christological standpoint I Timothy 2:5 means that although in the one kind of being that is God, there are three distinct Persons in the three kinship relationship of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, yet their Mediator is the Son, the Almighty Jesus ( YEHOSHUA= YAHWEH IS SALVATION ) and it is also this Jesus as the Christ in His Manhood, who is the Mediator of humankind to God ( John 14:6; 17:17-24; Matthew 11:27-29; John 1:18; Matthew 10:32-33; Hebrews chapters 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ). So both God the Father and God the Holy Spirit, on the one hand, and, humankind, on the other hand, have NO MEDIATOR except the Almighty Lord God the Son, Jesus as the Christ, even in His Manhood. It is Jesus the Mediator/Go- Between FROM, ON, IN, THROUGH, WITH, TO and FOR HIMSELF who, on the one hand, mediates God the Father and God the Holy Spirit to all of creation, and, on the other hand Jesus is also the one who mediates everyone in all of creation to God the Father and to God the Holy Spirit ( Ephesians 1:3-21; 4:7-18; Colossians 1:15-21; I Corinthians 8:6; 15:22-29; II Corinthians 5:13-21; Hebrews chapters 3-10; Romans chapters 5-8; I John 2:1-2; John 14:1-11; 17:17-24 ). For Christ Jesus, the Lord God the Son, Incarnated Himself into Perfect Manhood to carry out and to carry on His function as the ALL in all. He not only represented the TRINITY to all of creation but He also HEADED, EMBODIED, and REPRESENTED all of creation to the TRINITY. However, although Jesus has already once and for all HEADED, EMBODIED and REPRESENTED everyone in all of creation to the TRINITY yet everyone in all of creation, including everyone of the humankind who wanted to agree with, appropriate and enjoy the benefits of being HEADED, EMBODIED and REPRESENTED by Jesus must once and for all commit his/her all to be permanently united with and to Jesus and wholly joining Him not only from, on, in, through, with, to and for the perfection              ( Hebrews chapter 2 ), crucifixion ( Galatians 2:20 ), death, burial, resurrection ( I Corinthians chapter 15; Romans chapters 5-6 ) raising up, exaltation- ascension far above the heavens and enthronement on the right side of the Father ( Ephesians 2:1-8; 4:7-18; Hebrews 1:3 ) and resting on the MIDST of the throne of God in the heavens       ( Revelation 5:8-12; 7:17 ) of the Manhood of Jesus but also unto their reception             ( Romans 6:23 ), acquisition- possession ( John 3:16; 20:31; I Timothy 6:12 ) and retention- enjoyment ( I John 5:9-13; 1:1-3; I Corinthians 1:9; CThe Truly Biblical Christians Are Permanently United And Wholly Joined To Jesusolossians 3:1-11; John 14:6; 1:4 ) of Christ Jesus ( the YAHWEH that is SALVATION ) who IS the TRUE GOD and ETERNAL LIFE ( I John 5:20 ) even in His incarnation and Perfect Manhood. If you are so permanently united to Jesus and wholly joined to Him, then, you are truly ( really, rightly and faithfully ) Christbound, Christ centered and Christ dominated as well as Christ- enjoying not only on this Old Earth or in the Old Heavens but throughout all the worlds and for all eternity. Consequently, those who are truly Christbound must manage, use and enjoy all of the worlds only from, on, in, through, with, to and for the Biblical TEACHING, PURPOSE and SERVICE of Jesus. However, the only rightful Over all permanent but exclusive Dwelling Place, Goal- Destiny and Eternal life of every created person is Christ Jesus Himself, the Almighty Lord God the Son, incarnate, Perfect Man and ALL in all. Everyone can be, should be and must be in and for Jesus forever               ( Matthew 12:30; 10:39-40; 11:27, 28, 29; John 14:1-3; 15:4-5; 17:24; Romans 14:7-9; I Thessalonians 4:16-17; II Corinthians 5:9-21; Colossians 1:16, etc… ).

The Entire Life Of All Truly Biblical Christians Is Directly, Permanently And Exclusively Focused On Jesus

The will of God the Father orders/requires/demands that everyone should be SEEING/BEHOLDING and BELIEVING INTO Jesus and that Jesus Himself shall keep all of them, give His Eternal Life to all of them and raise up all of them in the last day      ( John 6:39-40 ). The will/desire of Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son, incarnate, Perfect Man and ALL in all, is for all of those whom God the Father has given to Jesus that they keep on coming to Jesus ( John 6:37; Luke 6:46-49; Matthew 11:28-29; I Peter 2:4-9 ) and to be with Him wherever He IS, in order that all of them may behold His glory which God the Father has given to Jesus even before the foundation of the world ( John 17:24 ). The ministry/function/work of God the Holy Spirit among, in and unto the disciples of Jesus is to guide/direct them INTO all the TRUTH ( John 16:13; John 1:14; 8:29-32; 14:6 ) of Jesus. Hebrews 12:2 directs all true Biblical Christians to “Look UNTO Jesus, the AUTHOR and COMPLETER of their faith. The true follower of Jesus loses all for the sake of Jesus ( Matthew 10:39-40 ). They are not only willing to suffer the loss of all things just to gain Christ and be found IN Him ( Philippians 3:8 ) but they actually assert that it is no longer they who live, but it is Christ who lives IN them     ( Galatians 2:20 ). So that their entire life is Jesus ( Philippians 1:21 ) and they only live FOR Him ( II Corinthians 5:14-15 ). Thus, the entire life of all truly Biblical Christians is derived from ( John 15:1-7; 10:10 ), dependent upon ( I Corinthians 3:11 ) and directed to ( Matthew 11:28; Luke 6:46-49; John 6:37; 10:25-28 ) Jesus. In the Trinitarian over all program all things are not only UNDER the Headship ( Ephesians 1:21-23 ), IN the HAND ( John 3:35; Matthew 11:27 ) and PLACED UNDER the FEET ( I Corinthians 15:25-28 ) of Jesus but they are also aimed at and focused ON Jesus because all things are unidirectionally FROM Him, ON Him, IN Him, THROUGH Him, WITH Him, TO Him and FOR Him ( Colossians 1:16-17; Romans 11:36; II Corinthians 5:13-14 ). Since the NORM for everyone in all of reality is that all of everyone is rightfully and must be duly or appropriately and voluntarily focused ON Jesus, therefore, all of the commitments, devotions and prayers of everyone must be permanently unidirectionally addressed exclusively from, on, in, through, with, to and for Jesus. Anything that is otherwise addressed is satanic ( God- opposing ), sinful ( because it deviates from God’s norm for everyone; and it misses Jesus, the TARGET/OBJECTIVE/PURPOSE/AIM of all things [ Colossians 1:16; Romans 11:36; Ephesians 1:9-11 ]; and it is also OUT of the WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE of Jesus ) and, so, it is damnation- bound ( John 3:36; Romans 6:23; Revelation 21:8, 27 ).

Author:  Edilberto C. Medina

The Truly Biblical Christians Are Permanently United And Wholly Joined To Jesus
is an excerpt from the All The Truth by Rev. Edilberto C. Medina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Philippines License.
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