The Secret Things that belong to the Lord Jesus Christ


The Secret Things that belong to the Lord Jesus Christ

That even at the completion of these earth’s ages there are still secret things that belong only to the Lord Jesus Christ (Deut.29:29; Col.2:2-3; Ecc.3:11) and not to the createdkinds here on earth and within the astronomical universe; the aforementioned secret things include, among others, the following: the exact moment WHEN all things were created (Ecc.3:11); the exact duration of the first day (Gen.1:3-5) and/or of the second day (Gen.1:6-8) and/or of the third day (Gen.1:9-13) and/or of the fourth day (Gen.1:14-19)003 and/or of the fifth day (Gen.1:20-23) and/or of the sixth day (Gen.1:27-31; 2:7-17) and/or of the seventh day (Gen.2:2; Heb.4:9-10)004 and/or of THE DAY WHEN the generations of the heavens and the earth were created (Gen.2:4, [so that no creature can ever figure out neither know the exact calculation of the duration of the one day of the generations of the heavens and the earth [[Gen.2:4]] or of the one or more of the six [[6]] days of the making [[Gen.1:1-31]] of all things or of the seventh day when the Almighty Lord God the Son rested and/or ceased from all His works of creating and making all things [[Gen.2:2-3]]004]) or of the exact moment when the original and present heavens and earth shall be ended (Ecc.3:11) or of the exact moment when the new heavens and the new earth shall be fully and completely MADE by Jesus (II Pet.3:1-12; Ps.90:4; Rev.21:1-8). Anyway although for everything there is a season and there is a time for every matter/purpose under the heavens (Ecc.3:1-2) yet space-time is always relative to, defined by and under the rightful conditionalities laid down and/or appropriated by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself (Ps.90:4; II Pet.3:8; Acts 17:25-28; Ecc.3:11; Isa.40:1-28; 42:5; 44:23-28; 45:11-12; Ps.148:1-6; 139:1-18; 135:1-21; 136:1-26; 104:1-35); for all of creation is not only defined by, at the disposition of and subservient to Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son, but all of creation, (being contingent, finite, relatively changing and not in control of all things), is also existentially totally dependent on Him (Jn.1:3; 3:35; Acts 17:25-28; Col.1:16-17), essentially answerable/responsible/accountable to Him (Rom.14:10; Acts 10:42; Jn.5:22; I Cor.4:5; II Cor.5:10; Jude 14,15; Isa.40:3-26; 42:5; 44:24; 45:12) and actually subjected to and ruled by His rightful absolutely just judgment upon everyone of the concerned createdkinds; for Christ (MESSIAH) Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA), being the eternal over all INTERVENOR-CHANNEL-MEDIATOR, is the ONE who justly appropriates all that is due to and/or from everyone in all of reality (Ps.135 to Ps.148; James 4:12);

Author:  Rev. Edilberto C. Medina

The Secret Things that belong to the Lord Jesus Christ is an excerpt from the All For Jesus Creed by Rev. Edilberto C. Medina and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Philippines License.
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