God The Father is the Invisible God


God The Father is the Invisible God

That Vis a vis or confronting all of creation, God the Father is the DIRECTLY invisible, inaudible, inaccessible/unapproachable and unknowable God; in other words God the Father IS NOT DIRECTLY visible (Jn.1:18; 5:37; 6:44-46; Col.1:15; I Tim.1:17; 6:16) NEITHER DIRECTLY audible (Jn.5:37; 6:40-46; Heb.1:1; Rev.19:10; Jn.14:9-11) NOR DIRECTLY accessible (Eph.3:11-12; I Tim.6:16) NOR DIRECTLY approachable (Jn.14:6) NOR DIRECTLY communicable (II Cor.5:18-19; I Tim.2:5-6; Jn.6:37-46; Heb.7:24-25; Col.3:17; Rom.1:8; I Pet.2:4-5) NOR DIRECTLY experienceable (I Tim.1:17; 6:16; Jn.1:18; 6:44-46) NOR DIRECTLY knowable (Matt.11:27; Jn.1:18) to each one and to all of the createdkinds; thus God the Father or the GODKIND Father IS NOT DIRECTLY PRSONALLY ENCOUNTERABLE by any and all of the createdkinds; remember that Matthew was not yet with Jesus when God the Father spoke to Jesus after His baptism by John the Baptist (Matt.3:11-17)

Neither was Matthew present when Peter, James and John had a VISION (Matt.17:19) of the transfiguration of Jesus wherein, viz. IN THAT VISION but NOT DIRECTLY to them, they heard the voice of the Father saying “this is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased; hear ye Him” (Matt.17:1-8); the Word of God definitely teaches that God the Father is only revealed (Matt.11:27), manifested (Jn.12:44-46; 14:9-11) and explained (Jn.1:18) by the Son, and, thus the Father speaks only IN and THROUGH the Son, Jesus Christ (Heb.1:1; Jn.14:9-11; 12:44-50; Rev.1:1,2,9); all of these is consistent with and complimentary to the Biblical teaching that although God the Father IS in heaven (Matt.6:9), dwelling in unapproachable light (I Tim.6:16) and IN SECRET (Matt.6:6,18) yet He has also chosen, willed and delighted Himself to PERMANENTLY DWELL IN GOD the Son126; even in reconciling the world to Himself, God the Father was not only IN Christ Jesus, God the Son incarnate and Perfect Man127, but the entire reconciling works of God the Father is just IN and THROUGH the ALL-GUIDING CHANNEL, OVER ALL MEDIATION, ETERNAL HIGH PRIESTHOOD and the ONCE BUT FOR ALL SACRIFICE of God the Son, Christ Jesus128, in and through His incarnation and Perfect Manhood; on the other hand, God the Son, Christ Jesus, is not only of the same kind (“mono genes”129) and co-equal130 with God the Father but God the Son is also doing whatever God the Father is doing131, (although NOT ALL of the Son’s functions and/or doings are also the functions and/or doings of the Father or of the Holy Spirit)010, and it is to God the Son that God the Father has given not only all of the Father’s all but even all of all so that whatever is done to the Son is thereby done to the Father (e.g. Jn.5:22-23; 12:44-45; 13:20); but the entire Bible does not teach that whatever is done to the Father is also thereupon or thereby or therein or thereto done to the Son; that is why all of those who have truly learned of God the Father are drawn by Him to God the Son and it is to God the Son that they will come132 and it is to that Son also that they will all devote their all (Lk.6:46-48; Jn.3:35; 6:37; Matt.11:27-29; 6:24; 4:10; Jn.12:26; Col.3:23-25; Rev.17:14; 7:13-17; 5:11-12; 22:3-5); so no one except God the Son133 is the perfect Personal Copy133-1-Revelation133-2-Revealer133-3 of God the Father; and God the Son, Christ Jesus, Himself134 and ALONE PERSONALLY is the DIRECTLY and HISTORICALLY SELF-REVEALING134-1, SELF-IDENTIFYING134-2 and SELF-HUMBLING134-3 LORD (YAHWEH134-4, ADON134-5, KURIOS134-6, DESPOTEN [II Pet.2:1; Jude 4]) God (Elohim134-7) who being the LORD (YAHWEH, ADON, KURIOS, DESPOTEN) God (El) Almighty (SHADDAI134-8) is graciously, truthfully and righteously functioning always/infinitely but conditionally as the indispensable eternal over all INTERVENOR-CHANNEL-MEDIATOR-HIGH PRIEST-ONCE AND FOR ALL OFFERING as well as the all-appropriating ALL in all while He is giving due course to everyone’s self-determination, rendering justice to and justly satisfying all of everyone  and all of all; yet Jesus always has His own Father who  ONTOLOGICALLY (or IN REGARDS TO BEING) is always/ever HIS CO-EQUAL in GODHOOD (Jn.5:18; Titus 2:13-14; Heb.1:8; Jn.1:1,14), FORM (Phil.2:5-6; Col.1:15; Heb.1:3) and CAPABILITY (Jn.5:19); but the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ (Col.1:3) is distinct from and greater than the Lord Jesus Christ only IN TERMS of their voluntarily COVENANTED kinship relative designation-position (Heb.1:5; Jn.1:14,18;  16:28; 20:17; Rev.3:21) and respective FUNCTIONAL SELF-DISPOSITIONS in relation to each other (wherein, [since the Son not only volunteered to do ALL the works of the Godkind but He has also voluntarily subordinated His will to do the will of the Father], so that in the INTERTRINITARIAN AGREEMENT ON THE INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTARY ASSUMPTION OF FUNCTION the Father as the sender is greater than [Jn.10:29; 13:16; 14:28] but distinct from, although ALWAYS WITH [Jn.3:16-17; 5:30-38; 6:27-29,37-40; 8:16,18,28-29,42,54-55; 10:35-36; 12:44-50; 14:24; 16:25-32; 17:1-9,18,20-25; 20:21; 3:35; 13:3; Matt.11:27], the Son, Christ Jesus, whom He has sent; however, it pleased the Father that ALL THE FULNESS should DWELL in the Son [Col.1:19; 2:9-10]; and the Son, being the TRUE GOD AND ETERNAL LIFE, has the infinite capability and willingness to graciously, truthfully and rightfully-justly accommodate all of all IN and THROUGH Himself (Col.1:19); so both God the Father and all that He has given to the Son are DWELLING IN and DEVOTED to the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF [Jn.17:10-25; 3:31-35; 16:7-15; Rev.14:1-4; 21:1-7; 22:3-5,12-13,17-21]); and, God the Holy Spirit is the Symbolically and SEMEIOTICALLY (OR BY MEANS OF MEANINGFUL SIGNS AND EVIDENCES OR CONFIRMATIONS) Self-Manifesting God135 whose entire Person, works and ministries is in THE STRAIGHT PATH because He is wholly but unidirectionally proceeding-functioning-working-ministering-officiating only from, on, in, through, with, to and for the Almighty Lord God the Son, Jesus Christ135-1; so that all of the works of God the Holy Spirit are the DOINGS and/or ACTS and/or FUNCTIONS of God the Son, (although God the Holy Spirit is a real Living Person yet He also functions as an agent and/or instrument and/or a confirmer and/or a propagator of the works of God the Son; similarly or analogously as the pianist is producing-making instrumental music by his piano or as a surgeon has performed his successful surgical operation by using his appropriate surgical instruments so Jesus [YAHWEH SHUA] is DOING HIS works by God the Holy Spirit [Zech.4:6; 7:12; Job 33:4; Ps.104:30; [[Gen.1:31; Heb.1:8-12; Jn.1:1,10; Col.1:16; Gen.2:7; Zech.12:1]]; Matt.12:28; Acts 1:8, etc…]); thus the figure(s) assumed by and/or the SYMBOLIC-SEMEIOTIC FORM(S) taken by God the Holy Spirit exactly fit His function as an instrument-agent-confirmer-propagator-bond of the DOINGS/ACTS of God the Son; but the SYMBOLICAL-SEMEIOTICAL FORMS, e.g. wind/water/dew/rain/oil/fire/dove/candlesticks’ stand of the Individual Personal Self-Manifestations of God the Holy Spirit are not only complimentary to and working or operational in the created order as ordered by Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) and/or at the spiritual rebirth/regeneration135-2, sanctification135-3 and transformation135-4 of the TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS people or of the human adherents of Christ Jesus but these SYMBOLICAL-SEMEIOTICAL FORMS of the Personal Self-Manifestations of God the Holy Spirit are also graciously/charismatically administering Jesus’ signs, wonders and miracles135-5 to all of those who may or may not be TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS EKKLESIA OF THE LORD GOD but are daring enough to avail themselves of some provisions of the gracious universal and/or infinite appropriations-provisions of God the Son; however, God the Holy Spirit is gently but persistently persuading, directing and molding the respective spirits of the true people or adherents of Jesus, viz. THE TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS EKKLESIA OF THE LORD GOD, so that the said people or adherents or EKKLESIA are justly motivated by135-6, absolutely conformed to135-7 and truly appropriating as well as faithfully expressing only the Biblical GRACE, TRUTH, CHARACTER, WORDS/MESSAGE/COMMUNICATIONS, LIFE and GLORY of Jesus pursuant to and in the accomplishment of the Mission Order of Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) to God the Holy Spirit according to John 16:7-15;

Author:  Rev. Edilberto C.Medina

God the Father is the Invisible God
is an excerpt from the All For Jesus Creed by Rev. Edilberto C. Medina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Philippines License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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