-The Issues Jesus Christ Publicly Contended Against His Enemies


The Issues Jesus Christ Publicly Contended Against His Enemies

That Some of the most vital-important-significant issues which the Lord Jesus Christ uncompromisingly, systematically, boldly, openly, intersubjectively or interpersonally and/or publicly debated-argued-contended for against His enemies are the following:

(1)  the complete and appropriate identity of the Biblical Jesus Christ and exactly who (Matt.16:13-16) and what (Matt.1:21,23; Jn.1:1-4,14; 8:24-58; 20:31; 5:18-19; Rev.1:8,11,17,18; 22:13-14) He is;

Jesus Christ Biblically revealed-identified-demonstrated Himself that He, Singularly-Personally-Historically, is the Almighty (Rev.1:8; Mk.10:23-31; Jn.8:58; Ex.3:1-18; 6:1-8) Lord (ADON/DESPOTEN:  Matt.22:41-45; Ps.110:1; 140:6-7; Heb.1:10-12; Rev.17:14) God (Matt.1:21,23; Jn.1:1,14; 5:18-19; Rev.21:1-7) the Son (Heb.1:8; Matt.11:27; 16:16-17; 28:19; Jn.1:1,14,18; 3:16-21,36; 20:31; Rev.2:18), the Eternal Life (I Jn.5:20,9-13; 1:1-2; Jn.3:16; 10:27-28; 20:31), the Alpha-First-Beginning-Head-Intervenor-Channel-Way-Mediator-High Priest-Confessor-Witness-Advocate-Truth-Life-Head-Omega-End-Last (Rev.1:7-8,17,18; 21:1-7; 22:12-13; Jn.14:6; Eph.1:9-23) and the Resurrection (Jn.11:24,25,26) who being the justly All-Appropriating (Rev.1:8,11,17-18; 22:12-13; Eph.4:7; Col.1:16-17; Acts 17:25-28; Ecc.3:1-11) All in all (Col.3:11; Eph.1:3-23; Rom.9:21-24) even in His incarnation (Jn.1:1-14; Phil.2:1-8; I Jn.4:1-3) and Perfect Manhood (Jn.8:24-47; I Cor.15:45-48; Rom. chpt.5) is also the singular Personal, actually and historically self-revealing and self-identifying Creator-Maker-Founder (Jn.1:1-3,10; Col.1:16-17; Rom.4:17; Rev.1:8; Acts 17:25), Orderer (Rev.1:8; Col.1:16-17; Jn.1:3), Provider (Eph.1:3-23; Acts 17:25-28), Upholder-Preserver (Heb.1:2-3; Col.1:16-17; Ps.130 to Ps.150; Isa. chpts.40-48; Neh.9:6-30), Judge (Jn.5:22), Redeemer (Titus 2:13-14)-Salvation-Savior (Matt.1:21; Acts 4:12; Jn.3:17; 4:42; Gen.49:18; Ex.15:2; Ps.27:1; 62:1-2,5-6; Isa.12:1-2)-Sanctification (I Cor.1:30)-Keeper (Jn.6:37-40; 17:10-24) and absolutely just Appropriator-Fulfiller-Consumator-Finalizer (Rev.1:8,11,17,18; 22:12-13; 21:1-8; Rom.10:1-13; Acts 17:25-28; Eph.1:3-23; Ecc.3:1-11; Rev.20:1-15; II Pet.3:1-10) of all things and/or of every createdkind person who would completely and truly be, have and do ALL FROM, ON, IN, THROUGH, WITH, TO and FOR HIM; all of those who disagree with the foregoing Biblical Self-revelation, Self-identification, Self-demonstration and Self-claim of the Lord Jesus Christ are not only children of the devil and dead in their trespasses and sins but they are also all liars deserving to be cast into, and punished endlessly in, hell and the lake of fire (Rev.21:8);

(2)  because prior to His incarnation Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) Christ (MESSIAH) is already THE TRUE GOD and ETERNAL LIFE (I Jn.5:20,9-13; 1:1-2; Jn.8:58; Ex.3:1-18; 6:1-8; Gen.17:1-3; Ps.90:1-2) so His going forth or proceeding is from everlasting (Micah 5:2), before/prior (Rev.1:8,11,17,18; 22:13-14; Col.1:17; Jn.1:1-3), within (Jn.1:10; Eph.1:9-23; Col.3:11) and beyond (Jn.3:31; 8:23-24) the world/all things, even unto everlasting (Ps.90:1-2; Heb.1:8-12; 13:8; I Jn.5:20,9-13; Rom.6:23), although, He also came into the world (Jn.16:28; Heb.10:1-7; Jn.3:17); however, while Jesus Christ was IN the world (Jn.1:10) He remained as being NOT OF this world (Jn.8:23-24); so the Lord Jesus Christ has no human father neither a human mother; that is why the one and only designation of Jesus for Mary is “woman” but never ever mother; it is God the Son who, in accordance with the will of God the Father, had voluntarily once and for all made, (through the cooperation of God the Holy Spirit), and forever perfectly united to Himself an entirely new Manhood which was coursed through the womb of, and given birth by, the VIRGIN Mary; thus the absolutely real Perfect Manhood of God the Son incarnate is not from the world and so the Lord Jesus Christ has no human father neither any mother at all; as far as the Lord Jesus Christ is concerned Mary is just a woman but never a mother to Him; the teaching that Mary is “the mother of God” is not only a BLATANT LIE/FALSEHOOD but it is also an abominable blasphemy because Mary is finite but God is infinite, therefore, the finite CANNOT BIOPHYSICALLY REPRODUCE the INFINITE; moreover the teaching that “Mary is the mother of Jesus IN THE FLESH” is not only an antiJesus designation for Mary (Jn.2:4; 19:26-27) but it is also a contradiction of Jesus’ claim that HE, as God the Son incarnate and Perfect Man, is NOT OF this world (Jn.8:23-24; 3:13,31-32); the perfectly holy and sinless nature of the Manhood of God the Son incarnate IS NOT a REPRODUCTION from the imperfect and sin-infected human nature of Mary; Mary’s human nature is a reproduction of, (so that it came from and belongs to), the sinful nature of the First Adam/Man; the human nature of the Manhood of God the Son incarnate, Christ Jesus, is an ENTIRELY NEW human nature, prepared by God the Father (Heb.10:5-10) and made by God the Son (Jn.5:19; I Cor.1:24; 8:6; Jn.1:3; 8:29) and begotten-formed-deposited by God the Holy Spirit in the womb of the VIRGIN Mary and thus it was born of a VIRGIN, so that God the Son incarnate and Perfect Man is the Second Man and the Last Adam (I Cor.15:45-48); all of those who deny or minimize or downplay or obscure the significance of the Biblically true teachings about the Manhood of God the Son incarnate, although, they may claim that they are devout Christians, are not only blind to the TRUTH but they are also liars and blasphemers who deserved to be tormented forever in the lake of fire;

(3)  the entire lifework-ministry-achievements of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth is the fulfillment of (3-1) the Biblical law that was given through Moses, (3-2) the Christology of the Canonical Old Testament prophets and (3-3) the Messianic Psalms; (some, but certainly not all, of the Hebreo-Judaeo-Christian Canonical Old Testament references regarding the Lord Jesus Christ are listed here:  Gen.3:15; 9:26; 22:18; 49:10,18; Nu.24:17; Deut.18:15; 32:43; I Sam.2:10; II Sam.7:13,14; 23:3; Job 17:3; 19:25; Ps.2:1,2,4,6; 8:3; 16:10; 22:1,6,10,11,19,22,27; 40:6;72:7,8,12,17; 89:4,26; 110:1,3,4,6; Isa.2:4; 7:13,14,15; 8:9,17; 9:1,4,6,7; 11:1,2,4; 12:1; 24:16; 26:21; 40:3; 42:1,2,6; 49:7; 52:15; 53:4,5,9,10; Jer.23:5,6; 30:21; Ezek.17:23; 21:27; Dan.7:13; 9:24,27; Hos.1:11; 6:1; Joel 3:16,17; Amos 9:11; Micah 2:13; 4:3; 5:2,3,5; Zeph.3:15; Hag.2:9; Zech.2:5; 3:8,9; 6:12,13; 8:3; 9:9,10; 11:12; 12:1,10; 13:7; 14:4,5; Mal.3:1,2,3); therefore, there cannot be any Christ/Messiah other than He, viz. Jesus of the entire Hebreo-Judaeo-Christian Canonical New Testament, Himself; all of those who contend otherwise shall not see LIFE, will perish IN their sins and the wrath of God will abide in them (Jn.3:16-21,36; 5:39,40; 8:23-24); this total individually unique, all-exclusive but eternal self-identification, historical self-revelation and absolute self-claim of the Biblical Jesus Christ must be systematically adhered to, conformed with and followed through by everyone claiming to be truly His own;

(4)  Jesus Christ is the direct, exclusive and permanent Intervenor-Channel-Way-Mediator not only of the Father (Jn.1:18; Matt.11:27; Jn.5:18-19; 14:9-11) and of the Holy Spirit (Jn.3:34; 14:26; 15:26; Acts 2:33) to the createdkind(s) but also of the createdkind(s) to the Father (Jn.14:6) and to the Holy Spirit (Matt.3:11-17); one of the most basic teachings of the Word of God is that the INTERVENORSHIP-CHANNELING-MEDIATORSHIP (or THE ENTIRE INTERVENING-CHANNELING-MEDIATORIAL FUNCTIONS or THE GO-BETWEEN ROLE) of Christ (MESSIAH) Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) is INDISPENSABLE BUT ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE, OVER ALL, ETERNAL and VOLUNTARILY AGREED TO or COVENANTED by Him; it is OVER ALL primarily because the Eternal Purpose of God is only realized IN (“en” in Greek means located at and by means of) the Lord Jesus Christ Himself (Eph.3:11); for without Jesus Christ then God the Father or God the Holy Spirit or even the Godkind of being has no power/capability neither wisdom (I Cor.1:24); corollarily the INTERVENORSHIP-CHANNELING-MEDIATORSHIP of Christ Jesus is OVER ALL not only because all things are through Him (I Cor.8:6) and without Him was not anything made that was made (Jn.1:3,10) but also because He as God the Son is the CHANNEL-MEDIATOR of the Godkind to all of the createdkinds (Jn.1:18; Matt.11:27), and, the same God the Son before, during or upon His incarnation and IN His Manhood (Col.1:19; 2:9) is the INTERVENOR-CHANNEL-MEDIATOR of the createdkind to the Godkind (I Tim.2:5-6); so that all of everyone and all of all in all of creation are ransomed (I Tim.2:5-6), reconciled (II Cor.5:14-21; Col.1:19-20) and gathered together (Jn.17:10-24) only THROUGH and IN and UNTO-FOR Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) Christ (MESSIAH [Col.1:16-17; Jn.3:35; 10:27-28; Matt.18:20; Phil.2:9-11; Rev.17:14; Matt.12:30; 11:27,28,29; Eph.1:3-14]) HIMSELF; the MEDIATORSHIP of the Lord Jesus Christ is ETERNAL because He is the ETERNAL PROPHET (the God who is the LOGOS-REVEALER-REVELATION of God [Jn.1:1,14,18; Rev.1:1,2,9; 19:10]), the ETERNAL PRIEST (ever living to make intercession for those who come to God through Him [Heb.7:1-25; 9:24; Rom.8:34; Heb.3:1-6] and it is IN and THROUGH the Lord Jesus Christ that the Godkind will supply the needs of the createdkind [James 1:17; Phil.4:19; Matt.6:33; Eph.4:7; 1:9-23; II Cor.1:19-20; Acts 17:25-28]) and the ETERNAL KING [Heb.1:8; II Pet.1:11; Rev.17:14; 19:16; Ps.145:1-21; Isa.6:1-6]); however, the MEDIATORSHIP of the Lord Jesus Christ is voluntarily agreed to, covenanted, assumed, actualized and carried on by Him in the Biblical ALL FOR JESUS ETERNAL COVENANT OF the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit;

(5)  the only absolutely right Biblical faith (Jn.3:16-18; 1:12), life (Jn.20:30) and prayer (Jn.14:13-14) is just IN, ON (Acts 2:21; Rom.10:1-13; Jn.16:26; I Cor.1:2), THROUGH (I Jn.4:9; Phil.4:13) and UNTO (II Cor.5:14-15; Col.3:23-25; Lk.6:46-48; Jn.6:37; Matt.11:27-29; I Pet.2:1-9; Ps.144 to Ps.150) the Person and the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself; Jesus never taught His disciples to pray to the Holy Spirit; according to Jesus His speaking about the addressing of prayers to the Father (e.g. Matt.6:6-13; Lk.11:1-4; Jn.15:16; 16:23) are just allegories (Jn.16:25) or mere symbolical representations not only of the reality of the graciousness, holiness and righteousness of God the Father and of the truth that all of these graciousness, holiness and righteousness of God the Father is realizable only IN the NAME (Jn.14:13-14; I Jn.5:13-15; Phil.2:9-11) and THROUGH THE PERSON (Phil.4:19,13; II Cor.1:19-20; Eph.3:11) of the Lord Jesus Christ but also of the teaching and order of the Lord Jesus Christ that such allegories are preparatories for, and will give way only to, the time when all of the adherents of Jesus will just pray IN the NAME of the Lord Jesus Christ (Jn.16:26; Acts 3:1-5; 7:56-60; 9:1-21; I Cor.1:2); for only those who in all place are CALLING ON the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ are saved (Acts 2:21; 4:12), sanctified (I Cor.1:2) and kept (Jn.10:25-28; Jude 3-4; Rev.22:3-5) by the Lord Jesus Christ;

(6)  the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is not only doing ALL the works of God the Father (Jn.5:18-19; 3:35; 10:37-38; Matt.11:27) but Jesus also ALWAYS DO what is pleasing to God the Father (Jn.8:29); thus after the incarnation of God the Son (Heb.10:1-7) His sacrifice unto death of the Manhood which He has once and for all united to His Godhood and the resurrection-immortalization-desexualization-glorification-ascension-exaltation of that dead Manhood of God the Son incarnate is not only an acceptable-pleasing-offering of God the Son (I Cor.5:7; Jn.1:29,36; Rev.17:14; Heb.9:14; 10:1-29; Rev.3:21; 5:11-12) to God the Father but it is also the expiation- propitiation for the sin of the world (I Jn.2:1-2), and, therefore, all of these works-functions, viz. the sacrifice unto death, resurrection-immortalization-glorification-ascension-exaltation of the Manhood of God the Son incarnate, are all the doings of Christ Jesus Himself, the Almighty Lord God the Son incarnate and Perfect Man;

(7)  Jesus Christ not only revealed-taught-claimed, but He has once and for all demonstrated that He is able to lay down His life and to take it again not only because the Father has charged Him to do so (Jn.10:17-18) but also because the aforementioned Jesus Christ, (being the true God and Eternal Life [I Jn.5:20] and as the doer not only of all the works of God the Father [Jn.5:18-19] but also of all that is pleasing to the Father [Jn.8:29]), Himself is asserting that “I am the resurrection and the life…” (Jn.11:24,25,26) so even if His enemies “destroyed”/killed His human body yet in three (3) days Jesus, as God the Son, has raised it up (Jn.2:18-22), according to the will-commandment of God the Father (Jn.10:17-18) and through God the Holy Spirit (Heb.9:14); note that in Romans 6:4 Christ was raised from the dead NOT by God the Father Himself but BY/THROUGH the glory of the Father; however the Father has already shared (Jn.17:5) and given (Jn.17:24) His glory to Jesus, viz. God the Son, even before the foundation of the world and, so the Son is the Lord of glory (I Cor.2:8; James 2:1); therefore, “Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father” simply means that the incarnate Lord God the Son, Christ Jesus, raised His Manhood from the dead; thus Jesus said, “destroy this temple”, referring to His body, “and in three days I will raise it up” (Jn.2:19-22);

(8)  the Lord Jesus Christ has the authority-power on earth to forgive the sins and to designate-qualify-accept as His spiritual children or sons those who come to Him because they have faith in Him (Matt.9:1-8; Mk.2:1-10); and it is only in reliance upon His Name that repentance and remission-forgiveness of sins shall be proclaimed to all nations (Lk.24:47; Acts 10:43; I Jn.2:12); all sins must be directly confessed to Jesus not only because He is the principal offended party and sins can only forgiven by Him for His name sake but also because no one but Jesus, through His atoning-redeeming-purchasing-cleansing-liberating-sanctifying shed blood which He applies-appropriates to the repentant-believing person in the power of the Holy Spirit, can cleanse from all unrighteousness (I Jn.1:7,8,9; I Cor.6:11; Rev.1:5-6);

(9)  the Lord Jesus Christ in His conditional but universal and all-appropriating grace (Acts 17:25-28; Jn.1:12-17; 3:27) performs miracles in accordance with what is written in the Bible (Matt.8:16-17), motivated by compassion (Matt.14:14; Mk.1:40-43), to manifest His glory (Jn.1:14; 2:1-11) in doing the works of the Father (Jn.9:1-4) and to assert the coming of the kingdom of God from, on, in, through, with, to and for Himself even as He, viz. Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) the Christ (MESSIAH), casts out the devil and/or works signs and wonders by the Holy Spirit (Matt.12:22-30); so in the Kingdom of God the only Person who is actually performing-doing the miracles is Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son before and/or upon and/or after His incarnation or coming in the flesh;

(10)  Jesus Christ is not only the Almighty (Rev.1:7-8) Lord (Matt.22:41-45; Ps.110:1; 140:6-7) God (Isa.9:6; Matt.1:21,23; Titus 2:13-14; Rev.21:1-7) the Son (Heb.1:8; I Jn.5:20) who came from beside the Father (Jn.16:28; I Jn.1:1-2; Jn.1:1-2; 3:31; 8:23-24) and who came into the world (Jn.3:16-17; Heb.10:1-7; I Tim.1:15) and has gone back to the third heaven to be seated with the Father on the latter’s throne (Jn.16:28; Rev.3:21) but He is also the one who is to come again on earth (Jn.14:1-3; Acts 1:9-11; Rev.1:7-8,11,17,18; 22:12-13,17-20; Matt. chpt.24; Mk. chpt.13; Lk. chpt.21; II Pet. chpt.3; I Thess.4:16-18) to take His own not only into the Father’s house but to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself that they may be with Him wherever He is to behold His face and glory forever (Jn.14:1-3; 17:24; Rev.7:13-17; 22:3-5); nowhere throughout the Bible is it taught that God the Father or God the Holy Spirit is the one who is to come again on earth; for Christ Jesus, being both the Son of God (Matt.16:16-18; 3:11-17; 17:1-5; Rev.2:18) and the Son of Man (Jn.3:13; 6:53-54), is the one who is to come again on earth (Jn.14:1-3; Matt.24:3-31; Lk.21:27; Acts 1:9-10); therefore, no one except Christ Jesus is the Lord God Almighty being referred to as the one or He “who is to come” not only in the aforementioned portions of the Bible but also throughout the book of Revelation (Rev.1:7-8; 4:8; 22:6-7,12-13,17-20);

Author:  Rev. Edilberto C. Medina

The Issues Jesus Christ Publicly Contended Against His Enemies is an excerpt for the All For Jesus Creed by Rev. Edilberto C. Medina and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Philippines License.
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  1. “Thank you Lord that you will come soon backs!”be blessed and fight gooood the fight inhopea nd victory of Christ and take more of word of God in you and go an and take captive free and celebrate for Jesus is coming in power,thanks and bless and pray fo rus here in the sweden for gospel,thanks and bless and joy,keijo sweden

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