-Free Ebook: Nobel Laureates

Free Ebook: Nobel Laureates

There is a common and erroneous notion that scientists do not believe in God, or that there are very few believers among the great scientists. This is totally false.

We present to you a totally FREE ebook that shatters this myth. This 130-page book reproduces an extensive range of quotations from nothing less than Nobel Laureates.

Quotations from fifty well known Nobel Prize winners shows what they believed. Without exception all of them strongly believed in the existence of God.

Not all of them were Christians. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists ever, was a Jew. He too believed in God. Obviously, if you are world’s top intellectual, your profession does not rule out belief in God. Nor does it dictate you to abandon your faith.

Download this exciting Ebook in PDF format today itself by clicking on the picture. It is less than 700 kilobytes in size, but packs 130 A4 size pages.

Do not keep it to yourself. Send emails to all your friends, church members, co-workers etc. Ask them to download this ebook immediately — who knows this would be your one chance to lead that doubting Thomas in your office to the Lord!!

Credits to International Free Seminary

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