-Spirit Filled Life

Spirit Filled Life: Free Ebook

Everyone likes to lead a Spirit-Filled lIfe, but only few know how to do so.

In this rendering of The Spirit Filled Christian, Billy Sichone handles a very deep truth with an ability of one juggling lanterns in order to show those in a dark alley the way to a bright end.  The subject matter is more relevant than it has ever been in our present age.

Many preachers are leading many people up the wrong way into darkness and ignorance. It is equally true to say that many Christians are confused about the state of being “Spirit-filled” and, therefore, are not as effective as they should be in the service of the Lord. This is both in the private exercise of their Christian graces and in the public exercise of their gifts in and through the local Church.

Here is a booklet that deals with this vital aspect of the Christian life from a biblical perspective. Though its size entails a brief consideration, it is nevertheless one that will provoke the sincere Christian to take serious stock of their present circumstance and make amends. Hopefully, many will be encouraged to find that they are not going down the wide road that leads to death.

I am glad that the Lord placed it on Billy’s heart to write on this issue. I highly encourage the Christian reader to devour it. [Conrad Mbewe, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka]

Please click on the picture to download this 40-page book absolutely free of cost!

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