-Start Redigging!

Start Redigging! “Isaac dug again the wells of water which they had dug in the days of Abraham his father, for the Philistines had stopped them up after the death of Abraham.” Genesis 26:18 NKJV

All the great civilizations of history developed around a good source of water, because water is absolutely necessary to sustain life. We can live for about six weeks without food, but only about six days without water. Where Isaac redug these wells water was scarce, and stopping them up was an enemy act. In the Bible water is often associated with the work of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God in a believer’s life. “Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life” (Jn. 4:14).

As wells of water are essential to sustain physical life, so the truths of God’s Word opened to us by the Spirit are essential to sustain spiritual life. If we don’t drink them in we die spiritually. That’s why Christians must redig the truth in the Word. We cannot rely on the well-digging of previous generations because the enemy is always stopping up the wells of truth with false teaching – like universalism, salvation by works and denial of the Trinity.

Every one of us must redig the truth, not just so that we can drink the lifegiving water ourselves, but also that we may become a well of “living water” (Jn. 7:38). Isaac knew how important Abraham’s wells were to sustain life, that’s why he redug them. The Philistines did too – that’s why they stopped them up. We need to redig these wells for ourselves so we can satisfy our own thirst for the truth, and then freely share the living water with others.

By Larry Ondrejack

With permission to publish by: Sam Hadley, Grace & Truth, 210 Chestnut St., Danville, IL., USA. Website:


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  1. Let the living waters flow! Many blessings!

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