Miracles have happened, are happening now and will continue to happen in my midst. I am not aware of them most of the time, and even as I witness them I often fail to attribute them to God. And without this recognition, wonderment and gratitude are missing, and these certainly ought to be the appropriate responses to miracles. Scripture teaches that we are created for the glory of God (Rom 15:6,9), yet in these opportunities to glorify Him I have failed. Unlike me, the Israelites in Joshua 3 paid attention and connected the dots as they crossed over the Jordan River. It was not the magic of the priests, the luck of the Ark they were carrying, a freak act of nature, or coincidence. It was God, and they knew it. They had been sensitized to the fact that God was near and active in their lives providing for their needs on so many levels – clothing, food, shelter, direction, wisdom, healing, judgment, might, and even miracles.

As I meditated on this ancient biblical event and its meaning for me, I’ve come to realize that God is not on my mind as much as He should be. His intervention in and around my life is not seen for what it really is – His love, care, provision and guidance. And so I am determined to pray for a miracle as I encounter each person and each circumstance. This must not become a mundane obligation or vain repetition, but rather a request for discernment as to what He is doing in the circumstances or people I encounter: “Lord, how can I participate in Your continuous work?”

I will seek Him, and I will acknowledge His contributions to my life and the life of others, and I will walk in an attitude of thankfulness for His love and care. I must accept the fact that, regardless of my immediate intentions or preferences, my will must harmonize with His. Obedience to Him is my pledge. Praising Him in every miracle, large or small, is my obligation. Living in thankfulness for His presence is my inheritance as His adopted son.

By Daniel Faust

With permission to publish by: Sam Hadley, Grace & Truth, 210 Chestnut St., Danville, IL., USA. Website:


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