September 2012

-A Stranger Here

A Stranger Here “I was a stranger, and ye took Me in.” — Matthew 25:35 KJV Thou wast A Stranger here, in Bethlehem no room for Thee was found. Thou wast the Father’s [...]

September 28, 2012

-Caring For Our Physical And Spiritual Families

“Roll out of bed. Feed the baby. Change her diaper. Load the washing machine. Eat breakfast. Tidy up. Dress two children. Brush their teeth. Brush their hair. Have a shower. Get dressed. Wash the dishes. Hang out the laundry. Feed the baby. Walk to the shops with three kids in tow. Shop. Walk home and unpack the bags. Prepare lunch. Wash children’s faces. Wipe down the table. Read kids some stories. Put them in bed. Feed baby. Change her diaper. Settle baby.” [...]

September 25, 2012