-A Stranger Here

A Stranger Here

“I was a stranger, and ye took Me in.” — Matthew 25:35 KJV

Thou wast
A Stranger here, in Bethlehem no room for Thee was found.

Thou wast the Father’s tender Plant; but, Oh, how dry the ground!

In David’s city David’s Lord, the Christ, was all unknown;

Thy people soon for Thee would raise a cross, and not a throne.

Thou wast unloved, unwanted and by all but few despised;

Thy wondrous beauty wholly missed by nature’s blinded eyes.

Thou wast
A Stranger here, heaven’s ivory palaces left far behind.

On earth no place to lay Thy weary head Thou couldst find.

When others shelter sought and found at home, Thou didst repair

Alone to Olivet’s steep slopes, and meet Thy Father there.

The foxes had their holes prepared, each bird its special nest;

But Thou upon an earth so filled with sin couldst know no rest.

Thou wast
A Stranger here, the Father’s bosom always Thy abode.

Thou wast alone, though with a multitude upon the road.

So perfect were Thy ways, so pure Thy every word and thought,

Thou wast misunderstood by all save those the Father taught.

Thy walk was one of fully proven faith, and not of sight;

Thy Father’s presence ever Thy one source of pure delight.

I, too, am now 
A stranger here with Thee, no more to feel at home

Upon this earth, which gave Thee nothing but a cross and tomb.

Thy God is mine, Thy Father now my own through wondrous grace.

The Father’s house of light and love is now my dwelling place.

I am a pilgrim, happy just to walk by faith with Thee,

Until the glorious day when home at last Thy face I’ll see!
By Carolyn E. Gibb

“For I am a stranger with Thee.” – Psalm 39:12

With permission to publish by: Sam Hadley, Grace & Truth, 210 Chestnut St., Danville, IL., USA. Website:


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