What The Bible Says About Suicide


What the Bible says about suicide

That Any one of the humankind who commits instant biophysical suicide (by intentionally-deliberately taking poison or fatally wounding oneself or by any form of self-strangulation) or gradual biophysical suicide (by indulging in vices, e.g. smoking tobacco, alcoholism, gambling, drug addiction, eating or taking or drinking whatever is not very good for the body and/or the mind

and/or the character of the human person etc…, and, thus engaging in different forms of gradual suicide) or self-destruction is misappropriating and/or forfeiting and/or negating the gifts-calling-order of the TRIUNE Lord God upon him/her; however, all of those who may not be intentionally committing gradual or instant biophysical suicide but have not yet SINCERELY NEITHER IRREVOCABLY NOR CONSISTENTLY given their respective ALL to Jesus are also committing spiritual suicide; for they have already, consciously or unconsciously, subjected-bound-consigned themselves to the law of sin and death (Rom.8:1-3; 6:23); moreover, those who have not truly given all of their respective all to Jesus, even if they are boldly but shamelessly taking advantage of and receiving His universally gracious and miraculous provisions109 of healing/health110-1, prosperity110-2 and the favors of their fellow humans110-3 are just misappropriating the infinitude of the grace of Jesus during their life on earth; although they will eventually forfeit most of it in hell and the lake of fire forever; yet, even those who are already in hell can only go on living there forever, in torment, by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ; because their continuing existence, as created persons, even in hell and in the lake of fire, is only a grace of Jesus to them; at least THE GIVING OF EXTENSION TO THEIR RESPECTIVE INDIVIDUAL LIVES is a grace of Jesus to them; otherwise, they could have been already annihilated, by Jesus, into non-existence, which is considered by many as a punishment worse than the endless torments in the lake of fire; but, of course, no one of the humankind neither any one of the angelkind persons will ever be annihilated or blotted out of existence or reduced to non-being by Jesus because He has created all of them in, through and for Himself (Col.1:16; Rom.11:36; Ps.139:7-10) so that all of those who will definitely, wholly and permanently ADDRESS-COMMIT-DEVOTE their ALL to Him will be with Him, in Him, under Him and subservient to Him (Jn.17:10-24; Eph.1:9-23; Rev.22:3-5) in His Eternal Life, Kingdom and Glory (II Pet.1:10-11; I Pet.5:10-11); but all of those who are not CONSISTENTLY TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS shall be cast into the lake of fire to be punished there, by Him, forever (Rev.21:8; Matt.25:41,46; Ps.139:7-12); however, every created person is GIVEN the opportunity to DECIDE or CHOOSE to be or not to be ALL FOR JESUS; even the humankind who has not heard the spoken or verbalized Biblical TEACHING and/or PREACHING and/or TESTIMONY of JESUS, whether a human adult or a human zygote (or just fertilized human female egg cell) who is already about to die shall be given the opportunity to know and to go with or to reject the LIGHT of JESUS; because Christ Jesus, the TRUE GOD and ETERNAL LIFE (I Jn.5:20,9-13; 1:1-2) and as the LIGHT of the world (Jn.8:12), is the PERSON who ENLIGHTENS everyone that comes into the world (Jn.1:4,9; Zech.12:1; Job 32:8; Ps.139:7-16; Prov.20:27; I Cor.2:11 [that is why even a newly formed child inside the womb of his/her mother can decide-choose-commit to be a supplanter like Jacob [[Gen.25:24-26]] or to be Spirit filled like John the Baptist [[Lk.1:15]]; so the human zygote is already spiritually capable of committing himself/herself to be or not to be ALL FOR Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son Himself]), gives life to the living creatures (Acts 17:25), makes alive the dead persons (Rom.4:17) and commits Himself as available to occupy-possess-rule (Rev.3:20; Jn.1:11-12,16-17; Matt.10:39; 16:24-26; Lk.6:46-48; Col.2:6-10) and take-keep to Himself (Jn.8:12; 15:4; 14:1-3) and unto His FULL SALVATION, ETERNAL LIFE and EVERLASTING GLORY all of those who have committed their all to Him before their respective biophysical death or before the termination of the grace period of their respective life on earth and/or within the astronomical universe;


Author:  Rev. Edilberto C. Medina

What the Bible says about suicide
is an excerpt from the All For Jesus Creed by Rev. Edilberto C. Medina  and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Philippines License.
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