The Three Ordinances Of The Lord Jesus Christ


1. As an effect, consequence and outworking of taking, appropriating and confessing the Lord Jesus Christ Himself as their SALVATION, ETERNAL LIFE and EVERLASTING GLORY all of those who have truly given all of their all to Jesus will and must also observe, keep and fulfil the Biblical ordinances as set forth in THE OVER ALL CHURCH CODE013; the observance, keeping and fulfillment of all of these Biblical ordinances are vital aspects, parts and parcels of the entire process of the createdkinds’ information-communication, transformation and conformation of all of their all from, on, in, through, with, to and for the Lord Jesus Christ Himself; all of the createdkinds who are capable of but are not conforming with all of the Biblical ordinances of the Lord Jesus Christ are under the curse of His judgment upon those who are disobedient to Him (Jn.3:36,19-21; I Cor.16:22; Jn.14:21,23; I Cor.11:27-32); That an integral and a very vital part of these Biblical ordinances for and to the humankind is Jesus’ (YAHWEH SHUA’S) institution of marriage basically and irrevocably as the union of just one man with just one woman and just one woman with just one man in the husband-wife relationship where both parties are definitely meant/willed/appointed/matched by God the Son for each other; any deviation from this basic and irrevocable pattern, norm and ordinance of marriage is rejected by the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt.19:3-9), the absolutely just Judge of all who, in terms of His word (Jn.12:48) and in rendering exactly what is due to everyone’s work (Ps.62:12) and/or to whatever is done by everyone to his/her own body (II Cor.5:10; Rev.20:12-13), will execute His judgment upon all of the createdkinds; therefore, everyone should follow through the teaching of Jesus in Mk.7:14-22; Matt.16:24-26; 10:39; 19:1-12; Mk.10:27-30; Lk.6:46-49; Jn.12:26; 10:10; III Jn.2; Rom.14:1-14; 7:1-3; I Tim.4:1-5; II Cor.5:14-15; I Cor. chpts.6-11; Rom. chpts.7,12; II Thess.4:1-12; etc… where the best for everyone must be appropriated Biblically by him/her/it just from, on, in, through, with, to and for the Lord Jesus Christ Himself; now since Jesus is absolutely just and since He has only one standard of morality for the humankind and also since a woman who is having sexual intercourse with many men is a female prostitute, therefore, in line with Jesus’ teaching and principle of morality, a man who is having sexual intercourse with many women is a male prostitute; all of those who indulge in and/or promote prostitution, whether of female or of male prostitution, are immoral people who deserve to be cast into the lake of fire (Deut.23:17-18) unless in repenting of all their sins they are converted to be TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS;

2. That all of the nations must be discipled to Jesus (Matt.28:19-20); every human person who has been made a true disciple of Jesus (Jn.8:29-32; Matt.16:24-26; Mk.10:27-30; Jn.12:26; Col. 3:23-25), upon believing Him and as an open or public confession of total, absolute and permanent direct adherence to Him, is to be baptized/immersed/submerged in water and in the NAME of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matt.28:19; Acts 16:30-33); the main and indispensable requirements for the disciples’ baptism are repentance and remission of sin upon acceptance of the Person (Jn.1:12; Rev.3:20; Col.2:6-10), reliance on/upon or into/towards or in the NAME (Lk.24:47; Acts 2:38; 8:16,36,38; 10:47,48; 11:16; 16:15,33; 19:3,4,5; 22:16), adherence to (Acts 16:31-34; Jn.8:29-32; Matt.16:24-26) and world overcoming confession (Matt. 10:32; Rev.3:5) of Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son incarnate and Perfect Man; however, the formula for the actual baptism of every true disciple of Jesus is as commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself “…baptizing them IN the NAME of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” (Matt.28:19); of course, only a truly TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS MINISTER/SERVANT OF God can and should administer the ordinance of baptism/immersion in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and in water to applicants who have Biblically qualified as true disciples of Jesus (Jn.8:29-32; 12:26; Matt.16:24-26; Mk.10:27-30) because they have already once and for all decided (by the Biblical faith, hope and love of Jesus), to be permanently joined-incorporated-united in the death, resurrection, desexualization, immortalization, glorification, exaltation and Eternal Life of the Perfect Manhood of the TRUE GOD and ETERNAL LIFE who is God the Son, Christ Jesus, Himself incarnate (Rom.6:1-11; Gal.2:20; Eph.2:1-10); so that in and through and for Christ (MESSIAH) Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) they can live, work and testify in the blessed assurance, infinite graciousness and wonderful-marvelous glory of His Eternal Life;

3. That all of the disciples of Jesus can, in a gathering in His Name (Matt.18:20) and as often as is best for all of the concerned disciples, partake of the bread that symbolizes the human body of Christ (MESSIAH) Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA), the Almighty Lord God the Son incarnate and Perfect Man, and, also partake of the grape juice that symbolizes the shed blood of the aforementioned Christ Jesus; which bread and grape juice are served by the TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS minister to the concerned disciples/congregation during the Holy Communions held to commemorate, coproclaim, concelebrate and duly and/or spiritually reciprocate (Rom.12:1-3; II Cor.5:14-15; Col.3:23-25) the once and for all blood-shedding sacrificial total self-giving of the Manhood of Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son incarnate and Perfect Man; That in fulfilling all of the requirements of Jesus’ Biblical ordinances all of the faithful, hopeful and loving disciples-devotees of Jesus should remain saved, sanctified and serving ENTIRELY, EXCLUSIVELY, DIRECTLY and PERMANENTLY just from, on, in, through, with, to and for Christ Jesus Himself (Matt.26:26-28; Lk.22:14-20; I Cor.11:23-34; Col.3:23-25; Eph.2:1-10), the Almighty Lord God the Son who is the justly all-appropriating All in all even in His incarnation and Perfect Manhood;

by Rev. Archbishop Edilberto C. Medina (deceased)

The Three Ordinances Of The Lord Jesus Christ is an excerpt from the All For Jesus Creed by Rev. Archbishop Edilberto C. Medina (deceased) and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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