Mary was never immaculate

Mary was never immaculate
That in addition to the Biblical teaching that all of humankind in, from, through and with the First Adam/Man sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God (Rom.5:12; 3:23 [so that although Mary was already full of grace [[Lk.1:29-30]] still she in herself is not an immaculate person; consequently Mary always need God as her Savior [[Lk.1:46-47]]]), the Bible, as the written Word of God, also teaches that all human beings who are still in flesh and blood, even if they are already believers in, devoted to and apostles of, (e.g. Peter [Gal.2:11-14], James [James 3:1-2] and John [I Jn.1:7-10; 2:1-2]), the Lord Jesus Christ are still FALLIBLE; that is why all human

self-righteousness, whether claimed as inherent or achieved or vested in a person and/or in some offices and/or functions, is unacceptable to God (Ezek.18:1-32; 33:1-19); none but the Lord Jesus Christ is the personal, exclusive and perfect righteousness of God and of the true Biblical child-saint-servant of God (I Cor.1:30); no one can ever act independently of the Lord Jesus Christ and still have or retain the righteousness of God in his/her life; Jesus is not only cutting off from Himself but He is also effecting the withering in the world and the everlasting burning in the lake of fire of each and every branch of His that does not remain directly, vitally and completely connected to Him and does not bear His fruit (Jn.15:1-6; Gal.5:22-26); Jesus will not hesitate to spew out each and every member of His church that is not spiritually “hotly” in love with Him (Rev.3:15-16); even those whose names are already written in the Lamb’s, viz. Jesus’, Book of Life will have their names blotted out of that Book by Jesus Himself if they will not overcome the world in, through, with and for Him (Jn.16:33; Rev.3:5; Rom.8:29-39; I Tim.6:12; I Jn.5:4-5); when Jesus rebuked and called Peter a satan or an oppositor because Peter, in his sentimental concern for the welfare of his Lord, opposed or contravened the Purpose-Will-Words-Program-Procedure of Jesus, then, in principle and in effect and in fact the Lord Jesus Christ is totally and absolutely against not only the false and satanic doctrine that once a person is saved he/she is ALWAYS saved (Jn.15:1-6; Matt.12:30; 16:21-23) but Jesus is also against the false, satanic and blasphemous doctrine/dogma that anyone of the apostles of Jesus or any one of the alleged successors of the apostle(s) is INFALLIBLE by virtue of his/her being the leading human apostle or a successor of any leading human apostle; the Word of God teaches that apostleship or the apostolate is a GIFT of the Lord Jesus Christ (Eph.4:7-16) and it is not acquirable neither attainable just by the Church’s organizational official succession or election; it is the Lord Jesus Christ HIMSELF who is gifting-calling-ordering everyone of those who have addressed-committed-devoted their respective all to Him into apostleship or into an apostolate or into any one or more of the specific ministerial gifts-calling-orders by Him; even then every created person no matter how gifted-called-ordered by Jesus is still a finite, fallible and imperfect free moral agent and self-determining individual here on earth and/or within the astronomical universe;

In line with the foregoing teachings, the Lord Jesus Christ is totally against the following: (68-1) the Calvinistic doctrines of (68-1:1) the total destruction of the sinner’s freewill (being refuted by Jesus’ teaching that any sinner or WHOSOEVER CAN still freely reject or accept God the Son incarnate [Jn.1:1,14,10-12,16; 3:16; 6:37; Rev.3:20]), (68-1:2) unconditional predestination (being refuted by Jesus’ Biblically revealed-taught CONDITIONAL predestination since it is premised on God’s foreknowlege and it is determined in love/agape and it is carried out in terms of God’s calling which assumes and renders justice and/or gives due course to every createdkind person’s self-determination or freewill [Rom.8:29-30; Eph.1:3-5]), (68-1:3) limited atonement (as contrasted to and refuted by the ONCE AND FOR ALL atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ which any one also may or may not appropriate once and for all [I Tim.2:5-6; Jn.1:29; II Cor.5:9-15; I Jn.2:1-2]), (68-1:4) irresistible grace (which is Christologically refuted by the reality of Biblical grace as GIVEN to everyone of the createdkinds and, therefore, it can be accepted or rejected/resisted by any one of the beneficiaries [Eph.4:7]; if grace is irresistible then it is an imposition and/or a coercion that denies freewill to its beneficiaries; but the infinite goodwill of Jesus is never imposed or forced upon anyone; Jesus gives everyone in all of creation the capability to be for or against Him on the condition that He will be all for everyone who is ALL FOR JESUS but He is all against everyone who is NOT ALL FOR JESUS) and (68-1:5) perseverance of the saints which is wrongly interpreted as “once saved means always saved” (is refuted by the Biblical teaching of Jesus that the saints may backslide or the branches may not abide in the TRUE VINE [Jn.15:4-5] or a human person can only have Eternal Life and will not perish and will also be kept by Jesus if and only if, or on the premise-condition that, he/she continues to be a sheep belonging to Jesus, hearing His voice and following Him [Jn.10:27-28]; the prodigal son was a DEAD AND LOST SON all the time he was away from father [Lk.15:11-32]); moreover Jesus is also totally against (68-2) the Roman Catholic doctrines of (68-2:1) the sinlessness/immaculateness of Mary (because if Mary is sinless then she does not need God as her Savior [Lk.1:46-47]), (68-2:2) the infallibility of the popes (for even the apostle Peter was not infallible [Matt.16:21-23; Gal.2:6-14]) and (68-2:3) the vicarship of the Roman Catholic priests assuming their vain, deceitful and blasphemous usurpations of the place, positions and prerogatives of Christ (for if the servants of Christ are true members of His ekklesial body then no one among them can take the place, position and titles of their KING-LORD-HEAD-HIGH PRIEST); and, the Lord Jesus Christ is also totally against (68-3) the beliefs of some Pentecostals that a person who is truly anointed of the Lord Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit is truly saved or godly (for Cyrus was truly anointed of the Lord although Cyrus was a pagan king who does not even know that Christ Jesus is the Lord God who took, strengthened and enabled him to conquer nations [Isa.45:1-7]) or that a person anointed by the Holy Spirit cannot be wrong anymore (for Peter was baptized in the Holy Spirit but Paul rebuked Peter due to some of the latter’s wrongdoings [Gal.2:11-19] or the Lord Jesus [YAHWEH SHUA] Christ [MESSIAH] anointed Saul with the Holy Spirit to be the first human king of Israel yet Saul backslided into sin and perished in his disobedience [cf. I and II Sam.]); for no one except the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is the Perfection of His faithful adherents (Col.2:6-10; 3:1-11; I Cor.1:30; II Cor.5:9-21; Jn.8:12; I Jn.1:7-10; 2:1-2; 3:2); furthermore, the Lord Jesus Christ is totally against (68-4) the utterly wrong explicit or implicit assumption or presumption or contention of millions of present day professing Christians that they are true Christians even if they believe and/or assert and/or practice a system of teachings-doctrines which from the Biblical standpoint is partly true-right and partly false-wrong; since Jesus is the TRUTH (Jn.14:6) and the devil is a liar (Jn.8:44) and since there is no lie IN the TRUTH (I Jn.2:21) and since Jesus demands that His followers ABIDE in Him (Jn.15:1-6), therefore, all of the true Christians are ABIDING only IN THE TRUTH and they are being led by the Holy Spirit only INTO ALL THE TRUTH (Jn.16:7-15) and they can worship God only IN Spirit and IN TRUTH (Jn.4:24); not onky because it pleased the Father that the fulness should dwell in the Son(Col.1:19) but also because the Body (Church) can directly and appropriately communicate only to, in, with, through, and for the HEAD (Christ) who is the Singular, Personal, Absolute, and Eternal Way-Truth-Life (Jn.14:6;1:14); therefore, His addherents can do nothing against the TRUTH but only for the TRUTH (IICor.13:8) so no truly Biblical Christian or follower of Jesus will be a partaker of neither a participant in nor a worker for any falsehood or deception or lie; Jesus said that ALL LIARS, (bear in mind that a total liar or a partial liar is still included in the class of ALL LIARS), shall be cast into, and endlessly tormented in, the lake of fire and brimstone, the second death (Rev.21:8);

Author:  Rev. Edilberto C. Medina

Mary was never immaculate is an excerpt from the All For Jesus Creed by Rev. Edilberto C. Medina and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Philippines License.
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