Part 1
Eternal Covenant is a major topic for comprehensive studies; the true adherents of the LORD JESUS CHRIST must have broad knowledge about the Everlasting Agreement, which God the Father, God the Son the LORD JESUS, and God the Holy Spirit had orderly set up in eternity. In Hebrew word, Covenant is beriyth; a compact, (because made by passing between pieces of the flesh): – a confederacy, covenant, league. In the Greek word, it is diatheke, a disposition, i. e. specifically a contract (a divisory will) covenant testament; in English, the word covenant synonymously mean agreement, entered into by two or more persons or parties, also mean a compact.
The specific written Holy Scriptures regarding the great significance of the Eternal Covenant is in the book of Hebrews, chapter 13 verse 20. “Now the God of Peace that brought again from the dead our,  LORD JESUS that Great Shepherd of the Sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant.” Thus, the Triune God, being in the infinite reality, have Everlasting Covenant that will never end.
The eternal agreement of God the Father, God the Son the LORD JESUS CHRIST,and God the Holy Spirit, can be well understood in their irrevocable commitment to each other.
The LORD JESUS had voluntarily gave His all to God the Father (John17:10); and God the Father in His Great love for the Son the LORD JESUS CHRIST had given all to Him, (John3:35). Thus, the reciprocal binding will of each other, (John17:10) consequently, and eternally, had been fixated will of God the Father, that all of all in the infinite, and in finite reality, be forever all for the LORD JESUS. Therefore, all the functions of God the Holy Spirit likewise, is forever all for JESUS (Zec.4:6; Jn.14:26; 15:26;16:13; Heb.9:14).

It is the irrevocable commitment of JESUS our LORD, to do the will of God the Father, (John6:38;Heb.10:7). For His humble subjection of Himself to do all the will of God the Father therefore, God the Father had explicitly declared, that the throne of the LORD JESUS is forever and ever (Heb.1:8), and has given to Him a name which is above every name (Phil.2:9).

It is the will of God the Father, that the LORD JESUS always be the doer(Heb.10:7,9),and fulfiller of all the purpose, will, disposition, and pleasure of Him who has the Eternal Purpose, (Eph.3:11) that had been carried out by the LORD JESUS into splendid fulfillment (Matt.26:39; John 5:30; 6:38;14:31; 6:39-40).
Although the Son has voluntarily subordinated Himself, and His will, (John 6:38;Heb.10:7 ) and function to God the Father, yet the Son remain the same kind /class/being with the Father in Godhood equality,(John 10:30). God the Father has not only purposed-willed- committed to give all that He has to the Son, (John16:15;17:3-24) He appointed the Son as heir of all things, (Heb.1:2-3;Jn.3:35). Therefore, it is His pleasure that all the fullness should dwell in the Son(Johon.14:9-11; Col.1:19 ;2:9; John17:23-24) so that even the Son submits His Kingdom and Himself to God the Father, (1Cor.15:24-28) that God be all in all. Even then, it is the irrevocable will of God the Father, that the Son should reign in His throne as the LORD of all (Ac.10:36;Ro.10:1-12) King of kings(Rev.17:14Permanent Over All Intervener-Channel-Mediator;19:16); the Head of all rule and authority, (Col.2:10) and the indispensable  (1Cor.8:6; 1Tim.2:5;Col.1:16; John.1:3,10; Heb.7:24-25) forever and ever (Heb.1:8-9; 2Pe.1:11;Ps.145:1-13).
The LORD JESUS CHRIST the Almighty LORD GOD the Son, in the infinite reality with God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit, voluntarily, lovingly, and totally agreed to be the fulfiller of the purpose, will, commitment, and disposition of God the Father,(John6:38; Heb.10:7). Therefore, to each one of them; and everything of all in all of reality must be, completely, exclusively, directly and permanently-FROM JESUS, ON JESUS, IN JESUS, THROUGH JESUS, WITH JESUS, TO JESUS, and for THE LORD JESUS ALNEas willed by God the Father( Rom.11:36;1Cor.8:6). For the Eternal Purpose of orderliness in their Eternal Covenant, the LORD JESUSremain in His rightful functions as: The Straight Path,(John14:6) the Exclusive forever SALVATION of all (Ex.15:2; Ps.118:14; Isa.12:2) the Eternal Life (1John 5:20) Everlasting Glory (Rom.11:36), and the Justly All-Appropriating all in all(Ac.17:25; Col.3:11) even when He incarnated in Perfect Manhood in His first advent to the world (John.1;14;Phil.2:5-11;1Tim.3:16).
All of the explained functions of the individually distinct persons of the Triune God, are permanently ordained, designated, in their constitutionally well arrangeEternal Purpose, (Eph.3:11) and justly, in their Eternal Covenant (Heb.13:20).
The Eternal Covenant of the God kind Trinity is infinitely permanent because of the logical reason that, the existence of the Triune God is eternal (Ps.90:2;Mic.5:2; Jn.17:24; Heb.9:14).
In their Eternal Covenant, the over all functions of the LORD JESUS thereof : His over all LORDSHIP; HEADSHIP; KINGSHIP; MEDIATORSHIP; PROPHESYING; PRIESTHOOD; CONFESSORSHIP, are not just enumerated, exclusively, and eternally predicated actual designations, or titles and functions of the LORD JESUS, all of these are His eternal prerogatives and responsibilities (Mt.28:18).
All of the finite created angelic kind, and human kind in this world, must have rightful decision to joyfully accept with sincere appreciation all of these exclusive and not transferable prerogatives of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in His Majestic Functions.
To sincerely love Him and accept Him, we must accept Him in His fullness(Jn.1:16). Anyone, and all who will persistently oppose these splendid functions of the LORD JESUS, as permanently willed of God the Father whereof, and in the witness of God the Holy Spirit, will surely deserve the wrath and righteous condemnation of the LORD JESUS (John.3:36).
Eventually, they will be eternally tormented in hell and lake of fire,(Rev.21:8) if they will not subject themselves under the overall reign, authority and functions of the LORD JESUS (John.3:36). Even before the creation of the world by the Almighty LORD GOD the LORD JESUS CHRIST (Rev.1:8), it is eternally willed by God the Father, and in conformity of God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit altogether, they agreed with each other that God the Holy Spirit is the eternal anointing of God the Son JESUS (YAHWEHSHUA), that is the reason why JESUS is the eternal Christ/anointed(Heb.7:15-28) and God the Holy Spirit is always the Spirit of the LORD JESUS CHRIST (John 3:34;Zec.4:6;7:12;John.16:7-15).
God the Father had given God the Holy Spirit to the LORD JESUS forever and ever(Jn.3:34); thus, all the functions of God the Holy Spirit in His ministries (services) is directly and permanently all for the LORD JESUS(Zec.4:6;Mt.12:28;Jn.14:26;15:26;16:7-13). It can be well understood to know the functions of God the Holy Spirit, that He forever agreed to work for the all for JESUS Eternal Purpose of God the Father(Mt11:27; John.3:35; 16:13; Eph.1:9-10;3:11) God the Holy Spirit does not speak of Himself, but whatsoever He shall hear that shall He speak  (John.16:13).  In His functions: He is the Comforter (John 14:26);and as the Spirit of the truth; and He testify for the LORD JESUS,(Jn.15:26); and reprove the world, of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment,(John 16:7-8) and He will guide all into all the truth, (John.16:13). By the revealed congruity of the triune God’s agreement: viz. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, it is their Eternal Covenant to work in their individual functions without transposing it. In their personal identity, there is no interchangeability, even in each specific individual functions (John 1:17;Heb.13:8;9:14).
By virtue of the Eternal Covenant of God the Father, and the LORD JESUS,(Ps.2:7;Heb.1:5) their eternal kinship relationship were irrevocably established. Before the creation of the world, the LORD JESUS is,  “monogenous huios tou theou”  the only Son belonging to the kind/class/being of God (John.5:18;10:30).
No human kind can be an appointed Son of God; either in infinite and finite reality, because human kind are created finite being, and the finite created being never can be in the reality of God’s eternal existence, therefore, the LORD JESUSalone in the infinite and finite reality is forever the only Son of God(Mt.3:17;17:5;Jn.3:16;3:35).
The LORD JESUS had eternally been committed in Eternal agreement (covenant) with God the Father as the “ mono-genous huios” the only begotten Son of the Father permanently, (Ps.2:7;Heb.1:5).The LORD JESUS have sameness in kind of being with God the Father (John.10:30; 14:7-9; Col.1:15;Heb.1:3), without brother in His Godhood reality.
A sectarian church leader, a usurper, had deceitfully claimed, asserts and proclaimed, that he is the appointed Son of God. It is a blatant lies, being a created human kind, making himself equal with God.
Every human kind in the finite reality can just be adopted sons of God, or children of God, by the given conditional rights of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, (John 1:12,16)and it is only for those who received Him in His fullness, who believed in His name.
The logical reason, why the Eternal Covenant is through the shed blood of theLORD JESUS (Heb.13:20) is precisely because of the restoration of the LORD regarding His exclusive absolute ownership of His creations, especially the human kind, which He purchased by His own blood (Acts.20:28); and to reconcile all things unto Himself (Col.1:20;2Cor.5:18,19) as willed by God the Father. In the TRINITARIAN ALL FOR JESUS COVENANT, the will of God the Father cannot be obliterated by anyone. He designated the LORD JESUS CHRIST as the actual doer, fulfiller, of the Eternal Purpose of the Trinity; therefore, whatever works of the created kind, especially the angelic kind and human kind, must be always in conformity, harmoniously, to the Eternal Purpose of the trinity, for the Honor, Glory and Praises of the LORD JESUS CHRIST(Ro.11:36) Anything done by the created kind especially the angelic kind and human kind directly to God the Son ,CHRIST JESUS, is done relatively to God the Father and to God the Holy Spirit who is the Son’s infinite anointing.
Those who rejected God the Son, have rejected God the Father who is the only sender, giver ,of God the Son but also a Permanent Indweller of God the Son(Jn,2:23;5:23;8:19;15:23-24;Col.1:19;2:9;Jn.14:9-11).
Those who have accepted, believed, confessed, honored, loved, glorified, and seen the Almighty LORD GOD THE SON, whether in His Old Testament Theopanies or in His New Testament Incarnation in Perfect Manhood or in His post resurrection have thereupon accepted, believed, confessed, honored, loved, glorified and has seen God the Father (Jn.14:7-9) in the personality of the LORD JESUS, because God the Son is the exact representation and expressed image of God the Father’s personality ( Heb.1:3). The LORD JESUS appearances to the world, and His will of obedience to the will of God the Father that He has been given to the world, (John.3:16;Rom.8:32) and to be the Redeemer (Tim. 2:14;Is.44;24) for all death bound sinners, is in their Eternal Covenant.

God the Holy Spirit has agreed in the Triune Gods Eternal Covenant as being the Spirit of Truth, who testify for the LORD JESUS CHRIST (John 15:26;1Jn.5:6), and He reprove the world concerning sin; of righteousness, and of judgment (John 16:7-11).

The Triune Gods Eternal Covenant is infinitely binding, and the absolute congruity of their individual functions had been majestically set up in orderliness, that forever negates controversy, and divisiveness among themselves, for the fulfillment of their Eternal Purpose(Eph.1:9-10; 3:11).

Part 2
The Definition of the Term Covenant:
The Old Testament covenant is beriyth in Hebrew each verbal root is bara which means “to eat bread with.”Bara implies that parties to the contract symbolize their bond by eating bread together at the closing of their formal agreement(Gen.26:28-31;31:44-45). Beriyth also means “to cut” because an agreement is solemnly ratified after the sacrificed animals are cut lengthwise into pieces and place opposite each other, so that the covenanters can walk through between the opposite pieces, to signify that the compact between the contracting parties is forced when the covenanters passed through the way made by the sinless life that has been sacrificed, to effect, enforced, and make binding the contract to everyone concerned (Gen.15:9-21;Jer.34::18-20). Beriyth also means to allot or to choose by consensus or common consent(1Sam.17:80). In the New Testament, the Greek term “diateke” means the disposition of a person for things or property by a will. There is a sense of finality in the disposition of the said person for the things or property. Consequently, “diateke” became synonymous to “last will.”This last will is commonly called “testament.”The entire Bible in essence is a testamentary system.

Part 3
The Composition of the Testamentary Order or Covenant as indicated in Hebrews chapter 9 and other related portion of the Bible.
  1. The Mediator, the LORD JESUS CHRIST who is God the Son is the Testator, viz.the one making the testament (Heb.9:15).
  2.  The heirs are the ones who have been called(Heb.9:15).
  3.  The objective method of effecting the testament is by the laying down of the testator’s life/ soul through His self- sacrificing bodily death which is“monergistic”; because only God the Son Incarnate is the one making the sacrifice, and in that sense it is an act of pure grace on His part to warrant the promise that “ I will be their God, and they will be my people”(Gen.15:18).
Part 4
The testament is made by the testator with respect to the freewill of the beneficiary (Heb.9:15),those who are called may receive or not receive the promise eternal inheritance.
Part 5
The condition by which the heirs would qualify for the gift is by the commitment of their all to JESUS, the gift is to them that wait for Him (Heb. 9:28} which requires the following:
(5-1)Repentance ( Luke. 24:47);
(5-2)Faith (Ac.16:31;Ep.2:8-9); and
(5-3)Obedience (Ro.1:5;16:26;Mt.28:19-20)
Part 6
The inheritance of reconciliation is Eternal Salvation(Heb.9:15,28;Ps.105:8-10).This is implied in the covenant of salt, which signifies the eternal preservation of the testament of God (Num. 18:19;Lev.2:13).
Part 7
The outstanding confirmatory sign of the rainbow was to Noah(Gen.9:12-13) and as the Exodus was to Moses and Israel (Ex.20:2);so is the resurrection, the outstanding confirmatory sign to the heirs of Salvation(Ro.1:4;1Cor.15:1-23).
Everyone must take into consideration, herewith, that although there are outstanding confirmatory signs for the LORD’S Covenant yet in addition to them, there are other attending signs of the covenant.
A covenant therefore, is a transaction between some persons or parties whereby have formally; and/or lawfully and/or justly bound and/or committed themselves to discharged some definite voluntary obligations to each other and/or to all concerned.

Part 4
A biblical covenant as exemplified in Joshua chapter 24 has the following (7) basic elements.
(1)The preamble, presentation of the parties to the covenant (Jos.24:1-2);
(2)The historical prologue, describing the previous relations of the contracting parties (Jos.24:2-13);
(3)The stipulations (Jos.24:14);
(4)The list of witnesses (Jos.24:23,27);
(5)The sanction- the curses and the blessings (Jos.24:19-20,25);
(6)The codification, depositing and preservation of the covenant in a written document(Jos.24:26) not only as a continuous reminder, but also to be used for periodic readings and for future references.
(7)The oath and/or the commitment (Jos.24:15,21).

Part 5
(1)The self binding covenant of God, making a self imposed obligation to do for the world what God want to do for it according to His Eternal Purpose(Eph.3:9-11;1Cor. 1;24;Col.1:16-17;Heb.1:2-3;13:20;Rev.21:1-8).
Any person, can also make a self- binding covenant by his or her self commitment, to do for another whatever is within the reality of capabilities he or she can do. This type of covenant can be called commitment.
(2)The unilateral (one sided) covenant which has the following two different forms:
(2-1 )The superior parties covenant-imposition which may be just, gracious and complimentary (Gen.2:15-17) or harsh (Ezek.17:13-15) upon the inferior party.
(2-2)The inferior party’s voluntary covenant of allegiance to a superior party as implied in (1Ki.4:21).
(3)The bilateral (two sided) or multilateral (many-sided) covenant between some persons all of whom have voluntary agreed to the terms and conditions of their contract (e.g. friendship,2Sam.18:3) marriage (Mal.2:14); and international alliance (Jos.9:15). The all- encompassing, all conditioning, and all satisfying disposition of the Triune LORD GOD, among God the Father, and God the Son, and God THE Holy Spirit, and also with regard to the world is the Eternal Covenant made only by and between God the Father, and God the Son, as witnessed to, carried out through, and confirmed by God the Holy Spirit(Ps.110:4;Mt.23:41-44;Heb.9:14).For the entire Old Testament is the anticipatory revelation of the Eternal Covenant fulfillment in JESUS (THE LORD GOD AS SALVATION) the CHRIST. While the entire New Testament is the carrying out by the LORD JESUS CHRIST of the fulfillment of the Eternal Covenant (Heb.13:20; Mt.26:28); in the better manuscript of the original, this what had been written: “This is my blood of the covenant poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” Be mindful that in the Eternal Covenant between God the Father and God the Son in participation, role and responsibility, wherein the Father is the one who purposed everything; (Ep.3:11) while the Son is the one who executes, or fulfill, everything (John 1:3;Col.1:16) including the task of of the perfect Prophet; The Eternal High Priest, who is also the Lamb (John 1:29)that was committed for sacrifice before the foundation of the world,(Rev.13:8) and the King for ever and ever. The LORD JESUS offered Himself to God the Father through God the Holy Spirit (Heb.9:14), and God the Holy Spirit also bearing witness to the Son (Jn.15:26).

Part 6
Although the Eternal Covenant of the TRIUNE LORD GOD is the all- embracing covenant yet through His seven (7) main Covenants for His people on earth (Ro.9:4) note the plurality of the term covenants in this verse.
The seven main Covenants made by the LORD JESUS for His people on earth:
(1)The LORDS Covenant with Adam:

(1-1)The LORDS Covenant with Adam before the fall (Gen.1:26-30;2:15-24);
(1-2)The LORDS Covenant with Adam after the fall (Gen.3:15-19);

(2)The LORDS Covenant with Noah (Gen.8:21-22).

(3) The LORD’S Covenant with Abraham and his descendants(Gen.12:2,3,7;13:14-17;15:5,18;17:8).
(4)The Covenant of the LORD with Moses and Israel (Ex.19:3-8; Lev.chptr.26; De. Chptr.28); this include the LORD’S Covenant to the Levites(Nu.25:12-15).
(5)The LORDS Covenant with David and his house (2Chr.13:5;2Sam.7:12-16;23:5).

(6)The LORDS Covenant with His Ecclesia ( called out ones Mt.16:18; 26:28;Lk.22:20).

(7)The LORDS New Covenant WITH Israel and Judah (Jer.31:31-34;Isa.42:6;43:1-6;Deut. 1:1-9;Heb.8:7-13).

All of the Covenants of the LORD GOD are conditional because they are all enacted with respect to the self- determination or freewill of any and all those concerned. The overall object, content and fulfillment of all the biblical covenants is theLORD JESUS CHRIST, THE ALMIGHTY LORD GO THE SON INCARNATE PERFECT MAN AND ALL IN ALL.
There are two (2) main division of the testament:
  1. The Anticipatory
  2. The Commemorative- is the fulfillment and commemorative stage.

Rev. Edilberto C. Medina
From the written Bible lessons of the late Rev. Archbishop EDILBERTO C.MEDINA
and with permission for posting by, Rev. Bishop EDMUND PAUL A.MEDINA.

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