Mary was never the mother of Jesus


Mary was never the mother of Jesus

That God the Son has no mother because He was already the true God and Eternal Life not only before Mary was born but even in eternity before He, viz. God the Son, Christ Jesus, created the world259; it is Biblically willed by God the Father and confirmed by God the Holy Spirit and asserted, proven and claimed by God the Son that THE SINGULAR PERSONAL HISTORICALLY SELF-REVEALING AND DIRECTLY SELF-IDENTIFYING INFINITELY PRESENT ABSOLUTE FIRST is Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son,

Himself (Rev.1:8,17,18; 22:12-13; Isa.41:4-14; 42:5-8; 43:1-25; 44:2-8,24-26; 45:1-24; 46:1-10; 47:4; 48:1-17) and not Mary neither the world nor God the Father nor God the Holy Spirit; otherwise you are contradicting the statements-claims-contentions of Jesus in Revelation 1:8,17,18; 22:12-13 and all of Isaiah chapters 40-48;

That God the Son, Christ Jesus, revealed, asserted and claimed that He Himself is the ABSOLUTE/INDISSOLUBLE/ETERNAL BUT PERSONAL AND INFINITELY PRESENT FIRST260, as Biblically revealed, even before Christ Jesus became the FIRSTBORN from the dead (since this status and accomplishment as the FIRSTBORN from the dead was attained-accomplished by Him) when He as God the Son incarnate resurrected His Manhood261, (which Manhood was eternally foreordained and historically sacrificed unto death by Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord God the Son incarnate, that is why at the cross it was the Manhood of Christ Jesus that said to His OWN Godhood as God the Son, and not to God the Father neither did He say it to God the Holy Spirit, “My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?”262; thus, it was the Godhood of Jesus that forsook, by offering as a sacrifice, His Manhood for the latter to actually and truly die at the cross; because it was the blood-shedding death of His Manhood that is the once and for all sacrificial offering of God the Son incarnate to God the Father, and the venue of the said offering is God the Holy Spirit263, so that Jesus can, and did, once and for all, vicariously or substitutionally, redemptively but justly and conditionally save the world from sin, death and perdition or damnation in hell and the lake of fire; God the Father did not forsake neither did He abandon nor turned His back on Jesus at the cross not only because God the Father was the one who willed that God the Son incarnate should sacrificially-vicariously-redemptively offer His Manhood to die at the cross264 but also because it is to God the Father that the sacrifice, by the blood-shedding death of that Manhood, was offered265; and Jesus not only committed His spirit to God the Father  at that day of the crucifixion but on the same day He took to Paradise, viz. the third heaven, the spirit and soul of the criminal who, while being crucified beside Him, requested Jesus to remember him when Jesus comes to His kingdom266; so it is not only contrary to the character of God the Father267 but it is also unjust for the same Father to forsake or turn His back at or refuse the offering to Him of that Perfect Manhood of God the Son incarnate268 which the said God the Son incarnate, in the shedding of His blood, sacrificed unto the death and resurrection-glorification-immortalization-desexualization-spiritualization of the body of His Perfect Manhood [I Cor.15:35-57; Matt.22:23-33]; for ONLY IN and BY that shed blood upon the suffering-wounding-death of the body of the Perfect Manhood of God the Son incarnate that He once and for all cleansed-annulled all sins269, satisfied-overruled death270, overcame evil271, ransomed-redeemed-reconciled-saved-sanctified-reacquired the world to Himself272, propitiated-averted the wrath of the Godkind from His, viz. Jesus’, voluntary adherents273, made the atonement-covering of His righteousness and provided healing-wholing [Isa.53:5; I Pet.2:24; Matt.8:16-17; Col.2:10] for all of those who are willing to commit their all to Him for them to be His own274 and for them to be the sanctified EKKLESIA unto Himself275; but it is only upon the resurrection-glorification-immortalization-desexualization-spiritualization of the dead body of the Perfect Manhood of God the Son, the Lord [ADON/DESPOTEN] Jesus [YAHWEH SHUA] Christ [MESSIAH], incarnate that the aforementioned Jesus Christ once and for all accomplished-attained the statures-functions-titles of the Firstborn from the dead [Col.1:18] and the Firstfruit of those who have fallen asleep [I Cor.15:20-23]);

However, even before the infant-in-form Manhood of God the Son incarnate became the FIRSTBORN THROUGH the Virgin Mary, (which Manhood was not FROM the egg cell neither FROM the genes of Mary nor FROM the genes of any human being coming FROM the First Adam), and, also even before God the Son created all things or the world, (over which God the Father gave Him, viz. God the Son, the FIRST PRIORITY or PREEMINENCE276), since in the ETERNAL COVENANT of the TRINITY (Heb.13:20; 1:5-6; I Jn.1:1-2; 5:20; Eph.1:3-23; Jn.1:1,14; 17:3-5,24) and throughout eternity before, during and after Christ Jesus created the world, this Christ Jesus being the Almighty Lord God the Son is already ever and always THE FIRSTBORN277 and THE ONLY BEGOTTEN (“mono genous” = the same or one in kind) Son and IMAGE (REPLICA or EXACT COPY, [Col.1:15; Jn.5:18-19; 14:9; Rom.8:28]) of God the Father278, and, in this sense also God the Son is THE INFINITELY ABSOLUTE FIRST to God the Father and to God the Holy Spirit, therefore, Jesus (YAHWEH SHUA) must also be EVER and ALWAYS THE INFINITELY ABSOLUTE FIRST to, and, THE ALL-CONSUMING LOVE, not only of God the Father and of God the Holy Spirit but even of all who are truly Christ’s own279; this is one of the many Biblical reasons why the one and only DESIGNATION of Jesus for Mary is woman but NEVER EVER mother (Jn.2:4; 19:26; Heb.13:8; Matt.24:35);


Author:  Rev. Edilberto C. Medina

Mary was never the mother of Jesus is an excerpt from the All For Jesus Creed by Rev. Edilberto C. Medina and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Philippines License.
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  1. I find it interesting that one of Jesus’ last acts on the cross was to change the relationship of Mary, Jesus’ earthly life mother for 33 years, to be John’s Mother and John to be Mary’s son. Because before the foundation of the world, now and forever more, he is one with our Father and in perfect oneness they are the one Father of all families in heaven and earth! We are all brothers and sisters in Abba Father and his Lamb! To God be the Glory!!

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